A Newsletter for March 11, 2019
from Tommy Htay

It is my high privilege and unique honor to get to you all the information I have at hand relating to MEHS alumni.

First thing first. As some or most of you must have already known, our alumni web site has changed hands since January, 2019 in terms of custodianship and operation. The change was taxing, technically challenging but all the same, true to our mettle as products of MEHS, we pulled through plain sailing and it is in full operation.

To go back to history, it was the illustrious and generous Kenny Teoh who founded and operated the web site singlehandedly for many years taking care of it financially as well, out of his own pocket, and we all owe him our everlasting respectful gratitude for helping us communicate with each other and sharing memories of our alma mater all along as our inimitable webmaster.

When Kenny “retired” a few years back, Dr Michael Myo Thant took over to finance and run the web site as its audacious and admirable webmaster after going through all the complexities and challenges that the migration process unavoidably entailed.

We give our wholehearted gratitude to Michael for his dedication and devotion in keeping the light shining on with regard to the web site. Thanks to his generosity and grit, he took pains to successfully migrate the “legendary” web site of Kenny’s with all its valuable and historic contents on to the new web site that we now have.

Given his multifarious professional work and family obligations, Michael had to let go of the web site work and, thanks to the kind acceptance of taking over the reins by Roland Liu as the new web master, I took care of the financial part of the transfer as the owner of the web site effective January, 2019. Roland has zero experience in maintaining a website and is looking for help from others who may have worked with WordPress websites. Any help would be appreciated as he is 110% busy even before accepting to help with getting the MEHSA.ORG website ownership transferred to me. Until Roland comes up to speed (which is expected to take many months) please realize that there will be delays in responding to requests to make updates to the website.

Now here’s a second point I want to convey. Effective January, the MEHS Memorial Foundation began to function in Yangon, Myanmar, under the leadership of new president Teddy Mya Bu. The work of the Foundation, from now on, will stem from the new body of trustees based in Yangon. Our website will feature news and information relevant to the MEHSMF, as they become available.

We hope you will take full advantage of the web site by contacting Roland (Roland.Liu@verizon) and yours truly ( whenever you need our service. Until Roland comes up to speed (which is expected to take many months) please realize that there will be delays in responding to requests to make updates to the website. If anyone out there has WordPress experience, please contact Roland.

Cheers to all, friends!

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