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On 11/14/16 Victor Ong wrote:

Our thanks and gratitude to Kenny, Michael and the elite group to continue supporting and maintaining MEHSA WEB SITE. It is the website "ALL FOR ONE, AND ONE FOR ALL" -- for us to contact and provide each other with News and Information for MEHSA org.

Thanks...Victor Ong. Class of 61/62

On 10/29/16 Cecil L.W. Wagstaff wrote:

Kos Myo (Michael)/Kenny/Chandroo and all other Mates involved I am writing to express my thanks and sincere appreciation to you ALL, for ensuring our well respected site continues to do the sterling and prime objective to keep us united over the years and into the future. I am aware that is also respected beyond MEHS Alumni, as many who were not in the MEHS , have used it to contact me. I have also been able to re-connect with many of my co- alumni, with whom I had lost contact and it is only vide the auspices of I am in contact with them to this date. "" has been the bridge itself conquering the Tyrannies of Distance & Time God Bless the Good Ship MEHS, and all who sailed with her

Sincerely, Cecil L.W Wagstaff G.C.E. Class of 1961/2

On 8/24/16 Sarah Martin wrote:

Hello my name is Sarah Martin. I am the granddaughter to Joe Martin. I am looking to find anyone who may have know him and his family. I am making a scrap book for my son so he learns about our heritage. Where we came from and people whom where in our family's life somehow. He was in school around 1955-1956. I have seen his named mentioned in previous comments and I am hoping to see if they or anyone has information in regards to him or his brother Robert Martin. Their parents were John and Dorothy (Herbert) Martin. If anyone knows of any 4 of those names I'd appreciate it.


On 7/8/16 Roland Liu wrote:

Hello, Does anyone know how to get in touch with Charlotte Pereira who moved to Toronto, Canada in the early 1960's? Thanks.

On 5/27/16 Ebrahim Lodhia wrote:

Very pleased to have located this website. Hopefully should be able to find long lost classmates and friends. Hard to believe 50 plus years gone by. Those innocent teenage days, whow! Wish we can relive those days again.

On 5/20/16 Carol Skilton wrote:

Hi. I am not sure who this will reach but I wanted to let you know that about 2 years ago I attended an Auction in Stafford England UK and amongst the items I purchased was an original painting (done on white paper) and signed by Annette Gyi M.E.H.S. aged 16 at the time.

I have tried to do a little research and have come across the Class of 65 which appears to have a young lady in the 3rd row named Annette Gyi. I would like some more information on this talented artist please if you have any.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


On 4/10/16 Frances (Beale) Mahoney wrote:

The 9th Reunion in Malayasia appears to have been a great success. The photos are lovely, however there is only one fellow 1956 graduate I recognize, Tommy Khin Maung Htay! We are slowly dwindling after the first Reunion which was graced by dear Mrs. Doreen Logie and her lovely family. My husband and I visit and correspond with a few of our dear friends. I check the website occasionally for past fellow students, and admit our lives are too busy to follow and attend the Reunions. Our family has extended to 17 members now. Vive MEHS!

On 3/22/16 Yvonne Taylor (Hermann) wrote:

I have just discovered this site. I graduated from school in 1961 and found the photo of my class mates - Mr Crane was our class teacher. I would love to know how any of the members of the class are doing today and make contact with them.


On 3/15/16 Roland Kin (Class of 1961) wrote:

Dear friends, classmates and fellow alumni,

I am sure that most of you must have read or heard that one of our fellow alumni, Peter Wun (a) U Htin Kyaw (Class of 1963) has been appointed as an incoming Vice President of Myanmar. Peter is one of the three Vice Presidents from whom the position of President will be selected by the Pyitthu Hluttaw this week in Naypyidaw. Please join me in congratulating Peter and his wife, SuSu, as well as Peter's family, Ko Edgar and Rosaline (Ma Hta Cho) and their families all the best in his new position. As fellow alumni, we are very proud that one of us has been selected and honored for the highest position in the country and hope that he will continue to give his dedicated service to the citizens and fellow countrymen of Myanmar. Our prayers are with him and may he have the strength and fortitude to make good choices and decisions for Myanmar.

Roland Kin( Class of 1961)

On 12/14/15 Winston Chu wrote:

I published my memoir as a plastic surgeon, REBORN: Journeys from the Abyss (Tate Publishing) in spring 2015 which recounts my salvation from a socialist dictatorship in the then Burma because of a friendship developed during WWII in the China, Burma, India theater with Dr. I.S Ravdin of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania who was commanding the 20th (U.S) Army General Hospital. Dr. Ravdin became chairman of Surgery post-war and had many publications by and about him. A feature article, From Burma to Penn. appeared in the 250th anniversary edition of the Perelman School of Medicine recounting the saga of the Chu family. I was also stricken by E. coli sepsis, a near fatal illness in 2008 and survived, saved by American medicine from the second abyss.

The links below direct to Amazon, my website and Facebook page. Signed copies are available by writing to me at this email address. Thank you.

Warm regards,

Winston Chu, MD, FACS

On 9/2/15 Ashim Sen wrote:

I have been observing the exchange of recent e-mails with great interest. I was only at MEHS for a couple of years before I emigrated to the UK in 1962 aged 11 I have only been to one reunion, the one in the UK when Mrs Logie was still alive and was surprised to find that I was the youngest participant. My teachers were Mrs Brindley and Miss P Sen (no relation). I don't recall many of my classmates but a few memories have been stirred. I remember Mr Henderson being my Science teacher and that he had a number of his own children also at the school. I particularly remember Marie who was very sweet and I had an awful crush on her. Also her eldest brother, Dennis, who was always in trouble. I remember also that the Chopras had their sports shop and that one of the boys, Krishna, who was very good at football was in my class. I am now retired after 50+ years in the UK but does anybody recall Marie or Krishna-- if I remember correctly the Hendersons were planning to emigrate to the USA. All the very best to all.

Alumni Ashim Sen

On 6/8/15 Kwee Hian Liem wrote:

I was studying in Methodist School, Rangoon during 1962-1963. At that time Mrs. Logie was principal. I am looking for my ex-classmates - and would like to contact them. Some names I recall are Teddy Khaw and Timmy Khaw, Henry Yin and Peter Mo Kyaw (Std.VI A2). I left Burma in 1964. Now I am settled in Germany.

Kwee Hian Liem (Limbo Kusardi)

On 5/31/15 Yin Min Thet wrote:

Please email me if somebody knows the address of the physics teacher U Myo Aung of class 1972. His picture in this website. My email: thanks

On 5/29/15 Joan (Beale) Kilgore wrote:

Thanks Kenny. Since my last post I have gotten in contact with 50+ ex-classmates. In the process of printing their contacts with their permission. From: Burma, France, England, India, Malaysia, Australia, USA, Germany, Hong Kong, Thailand, Mexico, & Canada. Amazing. After some 50 years, planning a get together with Drs. Shirley Aye and Irene Than from Rangoon. Love cooking for friends. Nuella & Selwin also love cooking for friends.

On 5/25/15 Cyril Than Hla wrote:

Class of 1961 would like to take this advantage to congratulate Allan Pe Thet and Joan Hla Bu in receiving the Doctor of Letters from the University of Economic, Yangon.

On 5/25/15 Frances (Beale) Mahoney wrote:

Yes, I seem to remember Melritt Mason sent a photo of his fellow students, with the class teacher whom I believe is Mrs. Moultrie. Was there a David Moultrie also at dear old MEHS?

On 5/6/15 Declan Moultrie wrote:

I have recently returned from Myanmar and went to see the school. My father was a pupil and my grandmother taught there. She is in some pictures Mable Moultrie. This is a great site. Thank you

On 4/19/15 Ardamun Ramdeva wrote:

Dear Friends,

I came across this site by chance. I never tried to search for it earlier, thinking the school probably no longer existed. My elder brother and I were students of MEHS in the late 1950s and 1960s!! I joined the nursery and studied till the 4th standard, when we had to leave in 1964 for India. I remember that the Principal at that time was one Mrs. Logie, who had a dog called Queenie. If memory serves me right my nursery teacher was Mrs. Brown. Are there any students of that vintage gracing these pages?

Ardamun Ramdeva (On school rolls as: Ardaman Singh)

On 4/7/15 Frances (Beale) Mahoney wrote:

The special edition "Cherished Memories" compiled selflessly and artfully by Tommy Khin Maung Htay has truly been enjoyable for me. The numerous contributions are like " Alice through the Looking Glass" that take one back to those carefree days at Methodist English High School. Wonder where so many of the witty, wise, beautiful and brawny people are. Some have surprised me with calls and electronic mail and hope to hear from others. I would urge that those who do not have one or more copies contact Tommy before they're sold out!

Frances (Beale) Mahoney

On 2/28/15 Naomi Franks wrote:

Dear MEHS Alumni,

I live in London, UK. In 1955 my family were friends with Daw Mya Sein. I have some photos of her during her time in England. I will be in Yangon in August 2015. I would like to give these photos to anyone in her family. Is it possible for me to contact them? I saw photos of her at 99 years old on your website.

Thanking you for your help,

Naomi Franks

On 1/31/15 Lily Chen wrote:

Aloha Alumni,

After the dust has settled and finance balanced for our Hawaii reunion in September 2014, we found that we were about ~$400 short to repay the loan of $3,000 we had borrowed from the Foundation to cover our initial costs.

Costs and standard of living are expensive in Hawaii (one of the highest in the United States) and, despite our great effort to negotiate, cajole and shamelessly ask to have our vendors lower the prices, we came up short. Skeptics wondered what happened to our "surplus".

We would like to give kudos to 3 alumni who stepped up to contribute toward the deficit and proudly give thanks to Ko Tommy Htay, Dr. Myo Thant and Dr. Owen Lee for stepping up with the difference, enabling us to repay our loan from the Foundation. Thank you from the committee and the alumni who attended.

We have attached 8 videos compiled by William Chen from pictures contributed by Alfred Patail, Lilian Wu and from William's own collection. The pictures have been edited and skillfully and painstakingly arranged with the infusion of songs to accompany the pictures. Please take a few minutes to browse the videos which will guarantee a smile upon seeing the beautiful pictures of the venue and friends and memories of our reunion. To our alumni who did not attend, the videos provide great entertainment and attest to the fun we had at Lanikuhonua, HI.

  • 01 Setting up at Lanikohunua
  • 02 Everyone is getting Leis
  • 03 Hawaiian Blessings MEHS sings
  • 04 Te Ori Tahiti Here Dance Troupe
  • 05 Chow Time
  • 06 Fun Time Chat time
  • 07 Aloha Oe - Until We Meet Again
  • 08 Photo and Video Credits
If you cannot open the link, please go to the tab that says "MEHSA Fun Facts" and scroll to "7th International Reunion", under "Slide Shows from William Chen". Enjoy!

On 11/18/14 Frances Mahoney wrote:

Thank you, Kenny Teoh for your dedication and I think must be love of journalism. Through MEHSA.ORG, our group of alumni, now in our 70's , have all recently reconnected with Niel Mason, Sheileagh (Sarin) Leens, and Cynthia (Sahgal) Gill. Since retirement 20 years ago my pleasures are meeting, dining with and corresponnding with dearest family members and friends. With age comes wisdom and true joy!

On 11/1/14 Cynthia Gilol (Sahgal) wrote:

Thanks to this website, I have been able to re-connect with, Frances Mahoney; Shealeagh; Marina Gadoin; Peter McLean; Doreen Buck; Alex Sharma and Bharati Mehta. After 57 years there is a lot of catching up to do. If Nusrat Ahmad, Arjun Mata, Joe Martin, Sally Nathan see this, please do contact me.


On 10/31/14 Joan Beale wrote:

Ashok Nath - Please contact Unable to get through to you. Thanks.

On 10/25/14 Cecil L.W.Wagstaff wrote:


It May Have been Henry IV Part 1


On 10/12/14 Fay Seeberger wrote:

My 4th standard teacher was Mrs Winnie Gill. We all like her as she never gave us homework. My 5th standard teacher was Mrs Brindley. She was very strict, and gave us lots of maths homework. Which I hated. I think Miss Johnson was our 7th standard class teacher, but by then we had teachers for each subject. I, loved geography, Mrs Hein Tin was our teacher. The 8th standard, we were all told about Mrs Evans, and I think she made good use of her reputation of being tough. Our first class she gave us an essay called "On our way to school" I never forget her words, that she had to use matsticks to keep her Eyes open when she had to mark them. Also that she could find where we lived if she ever had to speak to our parents. I still laugh when I think about this. She was a good teacher, being so strict I made sure I did my homework.

Don't forget Miss Rosair. English teacher 10th Standard. She was an excellent teacher. I am trying to remember which Shakespeare play we did in year 10. Merchant of Venice?

On 9/30/14 Frances (Beale) Mahoney wrote:

We were unable to attend the 7th Reunion of MEHS but nevertheless enjoyed our stay at Fort DeRussy. Our annual visits are May and October but went in September this year, specifically to see our friends. The joyful couple of dinners and warm comraderie we had with the Htays and Teohs at our Hotel will stay in our memories. I will send a few photos to display that we are all still young and delightful! My graduating GCE class had a handful of 16 graduates as the number of students dwindled through the years with a mass exodus to England and parts beyond. So I adopted friends along the journey at MEHS and at the First Reunion. I consider myself blessed to have them and my husband delights in their company as well.

On 7/5/14 Geoff Davies wrote:

Good morning

I am a New Zealander who attended MEHS between August 1958 and May 1960, while my father was senior adviser for the Colombo Plan in Burma. Although my days there were brief, I look back on them with great affection and would love to make contact with anyone who was in my class, wherever they are.

I attach a class picture (Class of 1969, Std IA), which I have just found after having misplaced it for years (or this email would have arrived a long time ago). Sadly, I don’t recall anyone’s name. I’m very much hoping that I can “reconnect” with someone out there!

I’m copying this to Tommy Htay just for info, as I made contact with him last year, and he might recall our exchange.

In this picture I am third from left in the second to back row.

Here’s hoping!

With many thanks for your assistance and kind regards.

Geoff Davies

On 5/30/2014 Lucy Chen, Class of 64 wrote:


This is our auspicious class of 64's 50th reunion - gee, I don't feel that old, not even 50 years old !!! I can't wait to see my classmates & schoolmates whom I would not get to see unless at a reunion like this. I noticed that most attendees are from the US followed by those from the UK, Australia and other countries. Come celebrate your 60th, 55th, 45th, 40th, etc.reunion. If you are on the fence about coming, please don't anymore. Here's your chance to visit a top notched venue, a world class resort, fun with our dear old friends. We'll be taken back to the best years of our high school days - this reunion is for everyone - class clowns, geeks, pranksters, sports jocks. You never know who you will run into - maybe including someone you had a crush on. I know that the organizers are all volunteers working very hard for the love of providing us with a good time. Their reward is to see us come away on such a high - bringing back our giddy & carefree days of youth with our dear "old" but young at heart, irreplaceable and precious friends. I have attended all but 2 of the reunions. Come join us. Register today. You'll have such a good time by the big blue ocean.

On 5/28/14 Gloria Winthein wrote:

Hi MEHSA Alumni:

This is just to clarify all MEHSA alumni that any International Reunions are not only for the GCE old students but also for any student who was an alunmi of MEHS. There is no division for these Reunions between the GCE students and Matriculation students. So if you are under the impression that the Reunions are meant only for the GCE then please erase that impression and attend an International Reunion. Although some of the people who organize are from GCE... they are just doing this as volunteers and do not have any monetary interest and I know for a fact that some even put in long hours and their own money to make these reunions successful.

We would love more of you attending the 7th International Reunion in Hawaii. Most of us old students are getting on in years and bad health and who knows how many of us will still be around this time next year. In memory of our beloved Principal Mrs. Doreen Logie and also Juliet Teoh I hope more of you will come attend the Reunion in Hawaii.

On 5/25/14 Cecil L.W. Wagstaff wrote:

Dear Reggie,

I do remember you, but you may not remember me. Perhaps as House & Sports Captain of Livingstone House may jog your memory. I live in Canberra, Australia. Did you attend MEHS Las Vegas Reunion? We all had a great time and also had the privilege of meeting our respected Teachers the Late Great Dr. Robert Fuller, (Physics & German), the Vivacious Mrs. Rita Lonsdale of the Radiant Smile, (General Science), who gave me the privilege of the First Dance of that Reunion with me, and our Constant Regular Reunion Attended, Respected Teacher, Mrs. Elaine Quinn who attended Las Vegas as well as earlier Bangkok & Pattaya Reunions. Hope you will attend Honolulu Reunion 2014.


Cecil L.W.Wagstaff
MEHS GCE Class of 1961/2

On 5/16/14 Reggie Han wrote:

I am Reggie Han, recently am in Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A I was from the Matric class of 1957-58, Class teacher was Daw Ma Ma Gyi. Science teacher was Miss Johnson. Classmates were Sunny Lee, George Win, Victor Nyunt, Margery Sanche, Annamay Chain, Toni Khaing. The last MEHS Reunion in the year 2012 January was excellent, topped off by Alumni DASSK attending & giving a hearty speech at the dinner. The morning session in the School itself was very memorable everyone singing the school songs. I even lost contact of time & felt it was the morning assembly before classes begun. Some of us like Roland Aung Sein, Victor Nyunt had passed away, In that dinner I even met Peter Ba San & Henry Kyaw Sein, both of whom passed away recently. Still we will cherish all the memories & meeet all of you again in Rangoon at the Reunion at 2015. VIVA LA COMPANIE !

On 5/8/14 Joan (Beale) Kilgore wrote:

I am in contact with 17 of our 38 classmates. Need contact with; Shirley & Vilma Varma, Lily David, Elizabeth Jenkins, Christine Elias, Madhu Gandhi, June Barnett, Arthur Chen, Peter Chan, Dennis Desai, Henry Mumsa, Haskel Joseph, Eric Robb, Shirley Aye, Meryl Balt, Elizabeth Yone Mo, Sheldon Battle, Maureen Nathan, Judy Lee, Patrick Wade, Clive Thomas & Jimmy Hunter. Errol Flynn and myself are planning on having a get together somewhere.

On 4/28/14 Sheileagh (Sarin) Leens wrote:


I was an MEHS student who came to the US in 1966. I live in Idaho & have connected with Frances (Beale) Mahoney & her sister Joan, as well as with Cecil & Edward Teoh. I also remember Dora Dravium, Gillian Logie, Anne Greenwald, (Alex) Sharma, Robin Soorty, Cynthia Segal, Sally Nathan, Cecil Todd, Derek Webster, Lynn Anderson & Farouk Sheik.

I would love to re-connect with more of my old school buddies, so please feel free to email me. I am particularly searching for Derek Webster, so if anyone knows of his whereabouts, please do let me know. Hope to hear from you soon.


On 3/21/14 Professor U Kyaw Win, PhD wrote:

I am writing my memoirs which includes some material on MEHS. Can anyone please help me with the following information:
1. Names of Doreen Logie's parents.
2. Where was she born? When?
3. Does anyone have a picture of the original Methodist English Girls' High School wooden building, circa 1920s?


On 3/9/14 Frances (Beale) Mahoney wrote:

Excellent article by Mrs. Appleton on our second home Hawai'i. We have been to three of the islands but O'Ahu is our favourite. The balmy breezes always welcome one to these islands and the Polynesian culture is evidenced everywhere. The warm welcoming "Aloha" and graceful "Mahalo" bring a smile to even the grumpiest person! We love the International Foods:- sashimi, coconut fish curry, Lomi Lomi, Kobe beef, as well as local Kona coffee and much more. We always bring back a suitcase almost full of bags of the coffee beans. Now shouldn't these be reason enough to attend this Reunion? Looking forward to seeing those we know.

On 3/1/2014 Fred Sassoon wrote:

It was only a couple of years ago that I discovered the MEHS website and have had contact with Tommy Htay and Irene (Marlar) Than. My name is Fred (Freddy) Sassoon and I attended MEHS until Feb. 1957 when I left for the US. At MEHS I was in STD VI B with Mrs. De Santos in 1957. Some of my friends were the Teohs, Johnny Chin, Eddie Swe, Kathleen Zaw Win, Johnny Ko Ko Gyi, Lynette Tun Tin, Sheldon Battle, William Law, Arthur Chen to name a few. After living in Los Angeles, California from 1957 to 1985, I moved to Mexico City and have been here since. I graduated from UCLA in 1967 and in 1977.

Currently, I am married with 3 adult children. We have planned a trip to SE Asia and will be in Yangon from April 9 through 12. Imagine, after 57 years!!!

I really want to have contact with anyone who was at MEHS who is still living in Yangon or for that matter, anywhere else.

I am living in Mexico City telephone 55 5635 6695, mobile 55 52116 1087, I'm in Facebook also. At Yangon, I will be staying at the Kandawghi Palace Hotel from April 9 - 12.

My email address is

On 1/23/14 Frances Mahoney wrote:

This is in response to Norman. I am not sure if I remember you but perhaps you were in John Thoung Sein's class. Anyway Ann Gilman's son, Noel Gorman wrote in once and responded to my email. Ann is alive and well. Look through past comments for his address. There was also a younger brother but I forget his name.

On 1/22/14 Norman Noah wrote:

I was in MEHS with Brian and Henry Gillman, and would love to know what happened to them. I knew Ann of course and note that her daughter, also Ann, has been in communication. Perhaps she can let me know where they are? I must have been there also at the same time as Gill Dagleish, maybe I was in an older group.

Please contact me.


On 1/17/14 Cecil Wagstaff wrote:

Ko Robert Ah hin, is organising a Mini-Get-togethr when Ko Edwin (and I) intend to be in Kuala Lumpur
Date: 26JAN2014 Time 1200 (start)
Venue: Zayar Burmese Restaurant in Burmese Quarter near Pudu Bus Terminal.

If you have not lead been contacted and do not already know Ko Robert and Daw Hla Yee Yee, please do join us, and get to meet them and a host of others. You can contact Ko Robert on

Look forward to seeing you there


Cecil Wagstaff in Australia

On 1/9/14 Roland Kin wrote:

May I suggest to the Yangon Committee that the names of the parents (MEHS Alumnees) be mentioned in the 2012-13 Matriculation Awards next to the students, so that their friends can send them their congratulations? Thank you.

On 11/12/13 Cecil L.W. Wagstaff wrote:

I have just returned from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where I caught up with my good Mate, Robert Ah Khin. We had a great 'Mohinga' Lunch, in the Burmese Quarter, as we always do whenever I visit K.L. Robert is considering attending MEHS 2014 Swaying Palms Reunion, in Hawaii, as I hope you all are. He attended Reunion 2013, in Yangon, and shared all his news of the event with me. I hope to re-visit Malaysia in late January 2014, and we have planned to meet once again, hopefully with a few other Burma Mates, Hla Yee Yee, Shirley, and others who live in Malaysia, over another great 'Mohinga Lunch', perhaps ?

Cecil Wagstaff

On 9/30/13 Cecil Wagstaff wrote:

Mrs. Evans would, I am sure, be having a 'right royal chuckle' looking down at her 'Third Grade Pleader', who is now a Guide/Educator whose role is to teach and advise Students and Visitors of the History/Functions and Legal Procedures at The High Court of Australia. This the highest Court in Australia (equivalent to the Supreme Court of the U.S.A.) teaching students and visitors the History, Functions, and Legal Procedures of the Court.

On 9/25/13 Lois Jane Terex Lee (a) Myint Myint Yee wrote:

My STD X Optional Advance English Class is a 'smaller group'. I want to say "Hi! Mingalaba …" to a few of my Classmates & Friends: Bertram 'Jackie' (From The Mayflower Hotel, Yangon, Myanmar) and Mrs. Spend-Love Pamela Maung Maung, 'The Florist', used by my Schoolmate, Stephen Hlaing @ Soe Naing (1973 Singapore), to sometimes deliver 'A Red Rose', to me, from his private, Home Garden. Both Jackie and Stephen Hlaing have VISITED me and my Family in our Chinatown Apartment, in Yangon, Myanmar, in 1968. My Family IMMIGRATED to The USA in 1969.

Upon our Agreement, Stephen Soe Naing Hlaing and Myself have been together, during The Summer of 1973, in Singapore. In 1973, we have been very happy with our Friends, in Singapore. HOWEVER, Stephen Hlaing MOVED from Kg O'Carroll Scott Estates (Jurong, Singapore.) and we have LOST TOUCH with each other, since 1973. Since my Graduation from The University of Maryland College Park, Maryland, USA, in August 1973, I have Physically MOVED almost 50 times (FLEXIBILITY), within The USA, for Employment, Family and Personal reasons.


On 9/18/13 Frances (Beale) Mahoney wrote:

My sister and I began our school career at MEHS in 1949 after our paternal grandmother died. She had been home-schooling us from October 1947 to June 1949 till she became gravely ill and died. Anyhow the teachers I remember are Mrs. Edith Manook, Second Standard, then Mrs. Mavis Wade, Fourth Standard. Cecil Teoh reminded me that Mrs. Mason followed. Later was Mrs. Ho, Mrs. Hein Tin, Miss Cynthia Thein and Miss Irene Rosair in Ninth and Tenth. I hope that you enjoy your trip back. It will definitely be nostalgic but different.

On 9/2/13 Jill Dagleish wrote:

I attended the Methodist English-speaking School from late 1947 until late 1948. I do not remember the names of any teachers, but I do remember taking part in the Nativity Play, presumably at the Church next door. I will be visiting Myanmar in October 2013 and would love to go and look at the school and church and show it to my sister, and our daughters. Are there any restrictions to visiting?


On 7/15/13 Cecil L.W. Wagstaff wrote:

To the best of my knowledge:

  1. Sayama Mrs.Rita Lonsdale (Rita Johnson) who resides in the U.K.
  2. Daw Elain Quinn who also resides in the U.K.
  3. Mrs. Florence Baxter who also resides in the U.K.
  4. Daw Dalia Myat San resides in Yangon, but often visits Singapore.
I will send you their addresses under a separate e-mail, as insufficient space herein I am not aware of other teachers who are resident in Yangon.

Cecil L.W. Wagstaff

On 7/8/13 Roland Kin wrote:

Does anyone have the names of our teachers in Yangon who are still living? Appreciate if someone can provide me with their names (and if possible their contact addresses).

Thank you.

Roland (Class of 1961)

On 6/10/13 Frances Mahoney wrote:

Thanks to this website I finally made a connection with Ann Goman!

On 5/30/13 Frances (Beale) Mahoney wrote:

We were so happy to be able to meet Tommy, Ma Ma and their son at the Inner Harbour, Baltimore where the Htays treated us and our old neighbours to lunch. Ma Ma made mohinga and sent us back to Havre de Grace with several containers of sauce, noodles and fixings. We had many laughable moments. On to Honolulu!

On 5/30/13 Victor Ong wrote:

In the Photo Gallery section, after seeing Tommy Htay act as the Burmese-English Interpreter for the US President Barrack Obama, during Myanma President Thein Sein visit to Washington in the oval office of the White House. Congratulation and we are very proud of you to have such an opportunity and also solely being a MEHS ALUMNI Class of 1956. Hooray for a job well done.

On 5/8/13 Elizabeth Hay wrote:

If you were in MEHS from 1955 to 1959 we would love to hear from you. If you were in Mrs Brindley, Miss Aye or Master Henderson's Class's (or other teachers) please do contact us.

Elizabeth Hay
Sydney Australia

On 5/7/13 Oliver Daniel wrote:

I am looking for an Elizabeth San Ba who, if my memory serves me correctly, studied in M.E.H.S., Rangoon, Burma, though I am not exactly sure of it or maybe it was her sister Esther San Ba. I only remember that the school was situated opposite some British ambassadorial enclave. I distinctly remember Princess Margaret staying there when she visited Burma. She, Elizabeth San Ba, had some sort of connection with the Country Book Club and she used to sing in the choir of St. George's Cathedral in U Wisara Road. So did her sister Esther San Ba. I used to sing along with them way back in the late 50s and the early 60s, till 1963 to be exact, when I left for India. I kept in touch with them for some years and then the correspondence unfortunately petered off. Now I am retired and I would like to get in touch with them again. Perhaps you may be able to give me some information regarding their whereabouts.

Thank you and regards.

Oliver S. Daniel

On 3/10/13 Michael Lim wrote:

Are we supposed to receive DVDs of the 6th MEHSA reunion? Looks like even alumni who did not attend have received them. How can I get a copy?

On 2/17/13 Edwin Tin Tut wrote:

Put my name as the first to register. Spring, Summer, Winter or fall, any date for the 7th. MEHSA Reunion in Hawaii 2014. Edwin Tin Tut, Class of 1960-61, Livingstone. Bangkok. Attending alone, How about it? I am sure I am the first to register.

On 2/2/13 Shiv Kumar Tulshan wrote:

All my friends from Class of 1965 (Std. 10)Batch, pls get in touch with me over mail. I stay in Calcutta (India) and trying to get in touch with my class friends of 1965 batch. Waiting to meet, Thank you Digby Minus for the photo, Add my name to the class mate list, get in touch F.R.I.E.N.D.S.


On 2/1/13 Richard YuKhin wrote:

Received two DVDs of the "Rip Van Winkle" MEHSA Re-Union in Rangoon and watched it on big screen TV. Its the next best thing to being there. Many thanks to Johnny Saing who sent it, Tan Yu Seng who carried it back to USA, and Roland Khin for forwarding me a copy. I attended MEHS from 1st Standard to matriculation and have never seen that many people on MEHS Assembly Hall stage. Had serious concerns that the stage would collapse. The excellent DVDs are of commercial quality and would make an excellent Christmas gift.

On 1/30/13 Clas Örjan Spång wrote:

Daw Khin Mya - also known as Miss Ba - started teaching at MEHS in September 1959. She had a background from the University and the gem industry. At first she intented to be a temporary replacement for a friend, but then she decided to stay. I remember her as witty and intelligent teacher and business woman. She passed away - I have now learnt from her niece - in 1995.

On 1/27/13 Colleen Ridley-Hindle wrote:

I was fully intending to come to the reunion on 5/6th Jan. and was in Burma in Dec. but unfortunately I became ill, and returned home to the UK before the reunion. Seeing all the photos, and hearing the happy accounts, and especially ASSK presence, made me so disappointed that I was absent. Hopefully, 2015 reunion? I was on the list you published, but my email address is incorrect. My new email address is: All the best to everyone.

On 1/20/13 Feraya Ullathorne wrote:

When I was at MEHS, my teachers were Mrs. Martin and 2 Mrs. Manooks. (1956-1959) I don't know their Christian names but did anyone know them and where are they now?


On 1/18/13 Clas Örjan Spång wrote:

I miss Daw Khin Mya from the list of teachers. She joined MEHS in September 1959. She was still on the staff in December 1960. Does anyone know more about her work at MEHS?

On 1/10/13 Peter Boey wrote:

I was pleasantly surprised to find MEHS website. All of my siblings attended the school next to our church from 1966 to 1978. I believed when I finished fourth grade our school was nationalized. Thus I fondly remember Sayama Daw Aye Than and Mrs. Myat San. Probably something to do with Math. My brother Roland Boey and myself, Peter, are abroad in Singapore and Toronto, doctor and engineer. Roland still teaches at NUS Medical School, I left academia years ago as Management Science faculty. Thank you teachers. I do not know why I remember so well. For The Boey Family.

On 10/18/12 Alexander Chu wrote:

Come one, come all to the reunion. The fun fair begins January 5th. to January 6th., 2013.

On 8/30/12 Frances (Beale) Mahoney wrote:

A couple of Ann Gillman's old chums were so excited to hear from her daughter recently on this website. We have replied to the email address provided and want Ann to know that we would love to hear from her. Hope that she is well and remembers us at least vaguely!

On 8/21/12 Mrs. Ann Gorman wrote:

Hello to everyone.

Ann Gillman is my mother and we were just looking through the website and my mum says a very big hello to everyone she knew whilst in Burma. xxx


On 8/19/12 Martha Farnham Wason wrote:

Hurrah! Mrs. Margaret Fuller has agreed to accompany my husband and me to the Reunion in Myanmar Jan., 2013. Our itinerary is not set, as yet. I will keep everyone posted when we know arrival/departure dates. We look forward to greeting friends and family that we've not seen for almost 20 years.

On 8/19/12 Ratna Sethi wrote:

I studied standard 5&6 in 1961-1962. I have very good memories till the coup. My father was in the Indian High commission. The school closed down and my life too took a turn, I was sent back to India to study while my brother Deepak who was also studying in the same school had to go to home school. We both failed that year. I remember Rangoon and long to visit it some day.


On 7/27/12 Martha Farnham Wason wrote:

Dear Friends,

I'm actively trying to convince Margaret (Mrs. Robert) Fuller to attend the Reunion in Yangon. They had previously attended 3 of them and had planned to go to Myanmar next Jan. Unfortunately, Bob died in April of this year. My husband and I attended his Memorial Service in Lincoln, NE on May 26, 2012. We spoke to Margaret then about the possibility of attending the Reunion with us. At that point she was still struggling with financial issues and many other estate "settlings." Her most recent e-mail (today) indicated that she's seriously considering it. We've put together a tentative tour schedule. If others would like to entertain Margaret (she's never been to Myanmar), please contact her at

Our tentative schedule is Dec. 30th - Jan. 15/16th. No reservations yet.

On 7/27/12 Roland Liu wrote:

When a severe storm passed by and knocked down our power lines a few weeks ago, I tried to get a status update on the weather as my wife and I sat in the dark. We had no access to news on TV, no Internet and no phone service. I remembered receiving a hand cranked radio at the MEHSA reunion in Las Vegas that I put in storage as soon as we got home. After retrieving the radio and cranking it for 5 minutes, we received the news that we needed. That nifty little radio is a high quality product. The radio reception was excellent. It functions as a flashlight and can be used as an auxiliary charger to charge cell phones, etc. Keep that radio handy. It is a most thoughtful gift selected by the 2011 Reunion Planning Committee. Thank you for selecting this most useful gift.

On 7/3/12 Rajendra Prasad Chokhani wrote:

This is with reference to the information given about the "Registration Fee of 6th MEHSA REUNION": REFUND for alumni who are ill or unable to get visas will be refunded in full. I would suggest, in line with what Edwin Tut (Thailand) had advised me, that an option be given to such fellow Alumni to donate the said "refund" amount to the M.E.H.S. Memorial Foundation as their contribution for the scholarship cost, that is, if they so desire.

On 5/27/12 Shukla Sen (nee Nundy) wrote:

I was in school with Ying Ying and was happy to read that she was trying to encourage old school friends joining the Alumni. My father Dr. D. M. Nundy was attached to Rangoon General Hospital & was professor of Surgery, Rangoon Medical College. Years ago I met Syed Hussein, Michael Ahuja etc all former classmates. Would love to hear from any of my classmates. Left school in 1958.

On 5/25/12 Roland Liu wrote:

My wife and I are planning to visit other parts of Myanmar after the reunion. Can I get some responses from other alumni on who all may be interested in playing tourists. It will be nice if members of the planning committee work with the travel agents to develop tour packages for, say, 1-week tours and 2-week tours.

On 5/25/12 Shukla Sen (nee Nundy) wrote:

I would like to contact my classmates who were with me in school. My father, Dr. D. M. Nundy was attached to Rangoon General Hospital and I left school in 1958.

On 5/23/12 Joseph Roberts (Gerard) wrote:

I agree with having it at the school, which I have not seen for many years, and meet old friends, which is more important, than having it in a restaurant, which we will just pay a entrance fee, and donations.

On 5/11/12 Cecil Wagstaff wrote:

Dear Leela,

Swaying Palm is available on MEHS Website, courtesy of The Late, Great Dr. Robert Fuller. Gloria Win Thein may have copies of MEHS song book.

Cecil Wagstaff
G.C.E. Class of 1961/2

On 5/8/12 Leela Rao wrote:

Hello to all of the Alumni,

I still have such fond memories of MEHS. Biplap Cakraborthy and Vivian Sudan were in my class in 1955. I looked upto our Seniors. Our School's Song "Methodist English High School Proud we are of Thee" still resonates with me.... Could you please tell me if any of you have the "Swaying Palm" and the Song Book? If so how can I get a copy? God Bless Mrs. Logie.

Leela Rao.

On 5/3/12 Esther Lim wrote:

Just want to know if anyone has received any comments from the Alumni at dear old Yangon having some issues with their fee if it can be overturned to a more affordable amount as many want to be there for the 2013 - Yangon Reunion Event.

On 4/18/12 Graeme McMillan wrote:

I am the Grandson of Mrs Logie. Our Prime Minister David Cameron visiting Myanmar (we can not stop calling it Burma), has all the family talking of Gran and Grandpa again. Gran filled my head with so many stories, and my Mum Gillian still does, that I feel like I attended the school. I have graduated to running a factory in the Far East, and it is my dream one day to do business with Myanmar, and Yangon in particular. Only then will I feel the circle is complete.


On 4/15/12 Rajendra Prasad Chokhani wrote:

Thanks to our photo gallery, I have been able to see at last, my beloved English teacher Miss Richardson vide the Class of 1970 (Std. IX B) photograph. I am ever indebted to her for giving me (us) a firm grip on the nuances of English grammar (Wren & Martin). Wonder, where is she - my "kadaw dey" to her!

On 4/8/12 Martha Farnham Wason wrote:

To sadly report that Dr. Robert Fuller, former science teacher (1958 -61) is under hospice care at a facility in Lincoln, NE. His family are with him. He is resting comfortably after 4 1/2 mos. of therapy following a brain aneurysm on Thanksgiving Day 2011.

On 3/28/12 Frances (Beale) Mahoney wrote:

I was surprised to see the photo submitted by Kay Cressey. I am quite sure that I saw you in the corridors or the lunch room. I recognize many of the students. Karis Manton's brother, David was in Std. II with me and Gillian, and the late Thomas told me that she was still in India and taught Indian Dance to young students for many years. The third young fellow front row was Brian Gillmon whose sister Ann was in Std. IV with me in 1950. Mrs. Raymond I now remember taught Mathematics when I was in Std. V or VI.

On 3/24/12 Tommy Htay wrote:

I second Richard Yu Khin's endorsement of Michael Lim's very logical and innovative proposal of having a two-event Reunion in Yangon: one free and another a paid one. The Committee should explore the possibilities and let the alumni know of what support they might need -- either financial or something else -- to make this homecoming gala a really memorable and historic one. I'm sure all of the alumni would be happy to pitch in to make it a success.

On 3/21/12 Richard YuKhin wrote:

The following email was sent to Edwin Tin Tut on March 8, 2012 which is in full & complete agreement with Michael Lim's comments:
1) The Burmese translator at Hillary Clinton's meeting with President Thein Sein was Doris Pyo Nyein, Teddy & Kitty's younger sister. She works at VOA.
2) MEHS Re-Union should have scheduled two events:
   a) a free event at the MEHS Assembly Hall and
   b) Dinner and reception paid event at a hotel. There are many classmates in Burma who cannot afford $65.
3) When you have a committee, it means no one is in charge. They need to put someone in charge.

On 3/20/12 Michael Lim '66 wrote:

The Organizing Committee of the 6th. MEHSA International Reunion to be held on 5th. and 6th. January 2013 in Yangon, Myanmar, Ko Edwin, Alan, Teddy, Ko Cyril and all Alumni,

Here are just a few ideas and suggestions. I believe it is not too late to change the format. The BIG reunion event should be held on the first day - Saturday, at the old school. This should be open to ALL alumni, free of charge. Anyone who had ever attended the MEHS should be welcomed to the event. A nominal entrance fee can be charged, ie. Membership fees for the MEOSA. The amount can be determined. Lunch can be served. This will not exclude ANYONE. This will be a BIG event.

I believe we already have permission to use the school premises and the Church. After all, the intention of a reunion is to meet old friends, old classmates and old teachers, and to have a good time. The added bonus for this reunion is that we are able to go back to our roots, the MEHS building, to celebrate this event, sort of a home-coming, rather than meeting in a big hotel ballroom or a restaurant.

Now for the Sunday event - we should keep that as planned. We'll still have a dinner event at Trader's hotel. We can all dress up, meet up again and have a great time. Unfortunately this will cost a significant amount of money and not everyone will be able to attend. The attendance fee can be the set amount of $65 for locals and $150 / 175 for the internationals as previously determined. We can still invite our friends individually to attend by paying for them. I still envision another get-together on Saturday night and Sunday morning, among individual classes and groups. Of course this will not be part of the official reunion program. What do you think? Am I just blowing in the wind?? If you all agree please let your voices be heard. Just my 2 cents. OK to re-post this in your emails.

On 2/20/12 Cecil Wagstaff wrote:

Deeply saddened to learn of Dr. Fuller's health & Procedure. Hope and pray that he will recover fully (pun intended), and the ball becomes a 'fast pitch Softball', he pitches


On 2/15/12 Cecil Wagstaff wrote:

Thanks for thinking of me, I am getting better, albeit very slowly.


On 2/14/12 Paula (nee Warnken) Peterson wrote:


What is the latest about Cecil Wagstaff's recovery? We have not heard from him since early last month - which is very unusual for him.

Paula Peterson

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