If you would like to post an inquiry, please send them to If you are able to help your fellow Alumni find their friends, you may write to them directly, and cc: to so that we may remove the entry from this page. Thanks for your cooperation.
  Cynthia Gill nee Sahgal wrote:

My father was a Diplomat in the Indian Embassy, he was Vice Consul from 1952 to 1957, I joined MEHS in 1954 and am looking for my class mates & friends from 1955 - 1957, Marina Pariera, Joe Martin, Jacqueline Gill, Peter McClean; Bharati, Nasreen Haq, Sally Nathan, Annette Jenkins; Lillian Soloman; Walter Chen; Ashley Daniels; Chandra; Shukla Nandi; Kieth Oakshot, Vivyan Sharma et al.. - *I can name all 26 of them but you know who you are, please write to me. I the picture entitled Prefects my name has been miss-spelled twice - It should be CYNTHIA SAHGAL. I have to thank Patricia and Bobby Henderson for getting me your site!

Cynthia Gill nee Sahgal

(Posted: September 28, 2014)

  Mervyn Shwe Tha (Myo Thant) wrote:


I am searching for following of my classmates -

Bryan Sein Tun
Edmond Aung Than
Tina Khin
Pyone Cho Myint
Pi Pi Thike
Teddy Saing

Hope you are able to furnish any one of their email address. I am reachable at

Thank you & regards,
Mervyn Shwe Tha (Myo Thant)

(Posted: July 15, 2014)

  Geoff Davies wrote:

Good morning

I am a New Zealander who attended MEHS between August 1958 and May 1960, while my father was senior adviser for the Colombo Plan in Burma. Although my days there were brief, I look back on them with great affection and would love to make contact with anyone who was in my class, wherever they are.

I attach a class picture (Class of 1969, Std IA), which I have just found after having misplaced it for years (or this email would have arrived a long time ago). Sadly, I don’t recall anyone’s name. I’m very much hoping that I can “reconnect” with someone out there!

In this picture I am third from left in the second to back row.

Here’s hoping!

With many thanks for your assistance and kind regards.

Geoff Davies

(Posted: July 11, 2014)

  Kyaing San wrote:

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Ebrahim Armad Mether, X-E of 1969.

Kind regards,


(Posted: April 12, 2014)

  Charles Gopal wrote:

I am in India now. Would like to get in touch with the following of my classmates from the Std IX A 1959-60 Class and would very much appreciate information of their whereabouts, with e-mail id, if possible, from any one of their friends or later classmates/schoolmates.

Some of my classmates were - Bryanne Patail, Chandroo Gopaldas, Hansen Yuan, Patrick Hla Pe, Robert Chang, Hugh Munroe, Mi Mi Hla Moung, Yvonne Herman, Veronica Tao, Elsie Sun, Sarwat Anmadi, Joan Wallace, Rita Quek, Geraldine Dadswell, Ann Hardinge, Sheila Baratan, Pauline Chen, Charlotte Perrira, Christine Elias and Doris Thaung Tin.


(Posted: January 10, 2013)

  Jim Wilcox wrote:

Hello. I was in Rangoon from 1964-66. I was wondering if anyone has heard from or knows the whereabouts of Annie Tang or Dawn Htoon Pay? I am sure they are married and have new names but was hoping some of you may know what has happened to them. Best wishes to all,


(Posted: August 4, 2011)

  Debra McCraee wrote:

I am looking for Barbra Everton. I think she attended in 1957. There is a picture of her on the website. She was a friend of our family.


(Posted: July 15, 2011)

  Fred Sassoon wrote:

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Irene Than (Class of 58)? I left MEHS in 1957.



(Posted: February 18, 2011)

  Michael Maung Maung wrote:

I am searching for Taw Eng Khwee (8B in 1967) and last time I saw him was in RASU in 1973 and he told me he is leaving for US. Anyone knows where he is? Taw, Michael Moe Myint, Calvin Aung, George Thaung Htike, David Aw (passed away), Win Khaing, Tony Keong (last known he was going to retire in Shengen, China) and me were very close friends.


Michael Maung Maung

(Posted: November 7, 2010)

  Henry Tin Lay wrote:


I am Henry Tin Lay, my mail address is

I am looking for my friends Neelam Sarin & Nay Aung, my MEHS unforgetable class 9D friend. Those who remember of our class 9D at our time, friends include Ngwe Soe (passed away), Khin Maung Aye, Donnata Mya Han, Cherry Khoo, Melvin Mya Thaung, Patricia Lin Pin, … Our class teacher Daw Khin Mya Sein, Miss Ba, U Than Tin…. If some one remember and see this message please contact.


(Posted: February 16, 2010)

  Thazin Htay (Sein Mya Maung) wrote:

I just want to contact Dr. Audrey Kyin Thaung and Dr. Barbara Dwe. Do they still have image in the mind of my picture. I studied with them at MEHS from MKg to 5th Std together. If you have time contact by E-mail. At present I live in Sydney Australia. I have two daughters. They grown-up already.

Thanking you in advance.

Thazin Htay

(Posted: November 14, 2009)

  Alfred Behbahany wrote:

I am looking for the phone number or e-mail address for Mr. Baxter who graduated in 1955 or thereabouts. Can anyone help? Thank you.


(Posted: September 14, 2009)

  Clive Tha Khin wrote:

I am trying to locate my friend and class mate by the name of San Lynn (Stanley Khoo) we matriculate together in 1965. We went together on to Rangoon Institute of Technology and graduated in 1972. He graduated as BE (Electrical Communication).

He worked for Myanmar Yaynan (Ministry of Power) for a while, went to work in Germany for a few years then came back to Myanmar.

Want - address, email, phone number, which ever is available.

Thank you in advance.

Clive Tha Khin (Htay Win)

(Posted: September 8, 2009)

  Melritt Mason wrote:


My name is Melritt Mason ex student at MEHS 1963. My mother Rita Mason was a school teacher there. I am trying to find Vicky Gale (Galay) and Maureen Than Gyi, who were my classmates in 10th std 1963. I am in constant touch with Cecil Wagstaff who has been extremely helpful in my endeavour. Cecil lives in Canberra a mere 3 hour drive away. We have planned to meet this coming tuesday at Bradman museum, Bowral.

Thank you


(Posted: April 4, 2009)

  David Bray wrote:

Am continuing to try and get in touch with Cuckoo Sirpaul; Cecil Wagstaff and Jon Chen have helped but Cuckoo seems elusive. Can anyone help? It is great to be in touch with MEHS through this website.

Best wishes to all

David Bray 56-59.

(Posted: April 1, 2009)

  Sylvia Thaung wrote:

I am trying to locate my friend and class mate by the name of Papiya Burdin who started Lower Kindergarten in Mrs. Cameron's class in the afternoon section in 1956. I remember she was related to the City Book Club in Rangoon, Burma at that time.

Sylvia Thaung

(Posted: February 23, 2009)

  Hanif Lakhani wrote:

I was studying in Methodist School, Rangoon during 1952-1958. At that time Mrs. Logie was principal. I am looking for my ex-classmates - and would like to contact them. Some names I recall are Amin Lakhani - Kathleen Zaw Wei Elizabeth - Launa Rauf - Sarwat - Arthur Chen - Errol. I left Burma in 1960 and then spent some time in Africa and Middle East. Now I am settled in Florida.

Hanif Lakhani

(Posted: August 9, 2008)

  Lily Chen wrote:

I am trying to find if anyone knew the whereabouts of one of our classmates, Elizabeth Smythe. She was in our 5th (1960) and 6th standard (and possibly 7th) before she moved away. If anyone knows of her whereabouts and how to contact her, please contact me.


(Posted: August 2, 2008)

  Suresh Gulati wrote:

I was at MEHS 1960-1962. I am looking for a classmate, Mr. Swee San Liu. If any one can pass on his contact I would be grateful. We were in Miss Brindley's class in 1960.


(Posted: May 12, 2008)

  Kenneth Kay wrote:

Looking for Khin Khin Yee. She's from Burma, MEHS alumni, probably Class of 1965 or 1966 or 1967. Did medical research in US some time back and is now probably in the US. Ethnic Chinese from Burma.

Email back, please, if you have a lead.

Kenneth Kay

(Posted: September 9, 2007)

  John King ( wrote:

I am trying to get in touch with John Aung Thwin. He had a younger brother called Michael and a younger sister. His mother taught at the American school in Rangoon and his father ran the scout camp at Inya. I seem to recall that they moved to India when their mother got a job with the American school. Eventually I heard that they moved to the US. I should be grateful to hear from anyone who knows their whereabouts.

(Posted: April 4, 2007)


I am looking for my classmate Dr. Jean Khin Maung (Husband Dr. Nyunt Tin) graduating class of 1955. Last I heard they are in the UK. Any information will be gratefully acknowledged.

John K. Lim (Class of 1955)

(Posted November 18, 2005)


I am in India now. Would like to get in touch with the following of my classmates from the Std IX A 1959-60 Class and would very much appreciate information of their whereabouts, with e-mail id, if possible, from any one of their friends or later classmates/schoolmates.

The Classmates:
Bryanne Patail, Patrick Hla Pe, Robert Chang, Hugh Munroe, Mi Mi Hla Moung, Yvonne Herman, Veronica Tao, Elsie Sun, Joan Wallace, Rita Quek, Geraldine Dadswell, Ann Hardinge, Sheila Baratan, Pauline Chen, Charlotte Pereira, Christine Elias

Charles Gopal

(Posted June 1, 2005)


I am in India. I would like to get in touch with Elizabeth San Ba. She used to sing in St. George's Cathedral. So did her sister Esther.

Oliver Daniel

(Posted May 14, 2005)


Does any one know the contact address of Daw Than May, Saya U Than Tin, and Daw Kyin Kyin (Mrs Tin Pe)?

Tee May Thein

(Posted March 10, 2005)

Editor's note: Saya U Than Tin passed away in 2000, and Daw Than May passed away in 2001.


I would like to know the whereabouts of Steven Aung, Charlie Aung and Michael Tin Hla.

Han Tin

(Posted January 12, 2005)


Anyone know the whereabouts of Ronnie Tin Gyi?

Joe Tun Sein

(Posted November 20, 2004)


Anyone know the whereabouts of Ashley Daniels?

Lester Halhed

(Posted January 4, 2004)


Can someone please let me know where I can find reference to Ms Bella Scott at this website as I have not seen any reference to her in these pages.

Ms Scott was one of the very well-known teachers at MEHS and I was in her class in the early fifties. My family was friendly with Ms Scott and her family and we used to receive photos of the family and annual newsletters at Christmas time from her nephew, Parker Scott and family once they moved to the U.S. Ms Scott also moved to the U.S. with them.

Jackie Franconeri

(Posted October 2, 2003)

  Wenchan Lau would like to locate his high school classmate, Patrick Hla Pe. His father was the company doctor for Burma Oil Company.

(Posted June 23, 2003)

  Michael Kar ( would like to know the whereabouts of Tito Chowdhury, his GCE classmate during 1963 to 1965.....  if you know how to get in touch with him, please write to Michael. Thanks.

(Posted: May 5, 1999)

Am still trying hard to contact my former classmate Tito Chowdhuri, brother of Susie, and Robyn. Any information regarding his contact address will indeed be much appreciated. Thanks.

(Re-posted April 17, 2003)


Sally Joseph wrote:

I was at MEHS until 1960, in Mrs. Brindley's class, when my family emigrated to England. I am interested in contacting Maria Mya Than, who was a close friend from the 1st Standard, in Mrs. Mitchell's class, until I left Rangoon. The last contact I had with Maria was her wedding invitation from Pakistan during the '60s. Maria's brothers were Melvin and Reginald, and she had a sister, Roxana.

It's great to have news of MEHS. Keep it coming!

(Posted: October 24, 2002)


Keith Colquhoun and John King would like to contact Pearlie Loh. Keith's last contact with Pearlie was in the mid-1960s when she was residing in Birmingham, UK.

Best wishes,
John King

(Posted: September 30, 2002)


Does anyone know the whereabouts of Ralph San Aung?

Kind regards.
Winston Ba Than

(Posted: June 24, 2002)

  I would like to contact Denise Taborda who is now residing in Perth Australia.

I am A.H. Moosajee who used to work with Denise at Pakistan International Airlines in Rangoon, Burma. PIA transferred me to Pakistan in 1968. I and my wife Salma Mookerdum have been residing in Karachi, Pakistan for the last 30 yrs. Our email address is

A.H. Moosajee and Salma Mookerdum.

(Posted: May 22, 2002)

  Denzil Flynn is looking for Jimmy Hunter who was in Mrs. Brindley's class (Std. V) in 1957-58. Please write to him at

(Posted: October 31, 2001)


Robert Barnett is trying to contact Michael Ezikiel whom he hasn't heard from since 1958. He was probably in Israel the last time he heard of him. If you can help, please write Robert.

Robert's email:

(Posted: October 21, 2001)


Hi, I'm Celia Nichols ex MEHS student looking for Morton Breckenbridge, Pandora Aung Gyi, Elizabeth Win Maung, Susan Hutton, and Linda Henderson. If you can put me in touch with any of the above names, I'd be just delighted!!

Celia N.

(Posted: June 4, 2001)


Does anyone know the whereabouts of Premjit Singh, Narayan and Murly Lachmandas?

John King (

(Posted: April 30, 2001)

  I would like to find and get in touch with Eddie Lun, Kennerly San lwin, Albert Soe Nyunt and Nelson Ba Khet.

Robert Mookerdum (

(Posted: March 24, 2001)

  Rita Lim (Queh) and Ann Harding wants to know the whereabouts of Veronica Tao. Please write to me if you have any information.

Roland Liu

(Posted: March 15, 2001)

  Where are you Larry Phillips, Larry Turner, Kyng Maung Thay?

Jeffrey Tun Tin (

(Posted: February 13, 2001)

  I am looking for Pamela Myomin daughter of U Myomin,Tin Win Maung , Aung Kyaw Nyein, Melvin Hein Tin.

Ahmed Soorma (

(Posted: February 2, 2001)

  I will like to get in touch with Zin Zin May (Annette Myo Zin) and Christine Nyun Han.

Margaret Gano (nee Myint Swe)

(Posted: July 26, 2000)

  Frances (nee Beale) Mahoney ( wrote:   Alice Kazarany is trying to locate Ann Gillmon and Walter Chen asked me about Joe Martin who left for the U.S. in the early l950's.

(Posted: December 31, 1999)

  Saw Oscar BaAye ( wrote:    Does anyone have Louise (nee Benson) address email or otherwise? Would appreciate getting it. Thanks

(Posted: October 8, 1999)

  Robert Ong ( is looking for Olive Thein Han, Ivy Hla Aung, Benny Tan, and Alvin Aye Maung. Do you know where they are?

(Posted: June 28, 1999)

  Khin Zan Tha ( would like to know of Yolanda Leong's whereabouts. She and her family left for Hong Kong after her father's plastics business was nationalized and I know she came to the US afterwards. They used to live right next to the Kokine Swimming Club. Thanks.

(Posted: June 24, 1999)

  I am happy to report that several alumni were able to find their long-lost MEHS friends through this web page. Thanks to all of you for helping your fellow alumni get reconnected.

Kenny Teoh

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