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Here are some news sites from around the world that you might find interesting. Enjoy! 
Ivy Chit (May Aye Myint) recommends a book for the Burmese community and people interested in reading about Burma. Click here for the synopsis of "The King in Exile, the Fall of the Last Royal Family of Burma" by Sudha Shah.
Pamela Aung (MyintMyint Soe) has completed her cookbooks "My Burmese Cookbook part 1 & part 2" and they are published by the AuthorHouseUK. Anyone who uses the recipes will find it works. There are dishes all Burmese people love, and those who are unable to cook would find it easy to use and get the dishes from our motherland. They can be purchased from Amazon, Waterstone, and Barnes and Noble. They come in ebook format as well and the ISBN numbers are:
  • ISBN 978-1-4969-9345-8(sc) and 978-1-4969-9346-5(e) for Part 1
  • ISBN 978-1-4969-9342-7(sc) and 978-1-4969-9341-0(e) for Part 2
website is:
The books will be very useful for our children and grandchildren who are used to growing up with Burmese food cooked by their parents but unable to cook for themselves.
Hpone Thant (Harry) has created a blog to write about Myanmar's nature, culture and traditions, and would like to share it with you.
Richard San Tint found a real nice Wikimapia map of Yangon, Myanmar and would like to share it with you. To move the map press on the left button of the mouse and drag. The arrow shape pointer will not turn to a hand-move pointer but you can still drag to places where you want to see. You can magnify or decrease the size of the map by clicking on the + or - of the size-scale on the left.
Jennifer Chu had produced a downloadable e-magazine Annals of AMIM 2007 (11.4 MB pdf) for the Alumni Myanmar Institutes of Medicine. It contains medical as well as non-medical topics that may interest many Burmese expatriates. She also invites you to visit the Burma Medical Association-North America website and learn about its humanitarian activities.
Min Zaw Aung invites you to visit the Myanmar Association United Kingdom Official Website at
Oscar Teoh recommends visiting to find news sources, arranged by countries, from all over the world.
Cleo Appleton (nee Kyin Oo) wrote on 5/8/98:
Although there are "gazillion sites,"  here are three of them from my bookmark I would like to share with MEHSA. Electronic greeting cards can be sent and received for free.  Just GO TO: – Web survey results of trends and growth. – For books both in and out of print, GO TO: – Have found many books on Burma and other subjects from this company.
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