Do you remember the M.E.H.S. song? To hear or save the mp3 music file on your computer, click here with the right mouse. The music file is provided to us by Selwyn Saw Wynn and Cyril Than Hla.

Wish you could remember the words to "Zum Gali Gali Gali" or "Vive L'Amour"? Now you can!!! Fortunately for us, Gloria Winthein (nee Hengshoon) has reprinted the original M.E.H.S. Song Book. Click on the image for more information.
Does this emblem bring back fond memories, or what? M.E.H.S. emblem
Report Card 1947 Report CardRemember those Report Cards that we had to bring home 3 times a year for our parents to sign? Charlie Kay and Bertie Aye have graciously scanned theirs to show us.
Kathy Thorne shows us what a Kindergarten Progress Report and a Transfer Certificate looks like. She also kept her Kindergarten uniform.
In case you have never seen one, or have forgotten what an M.E.H.S. Graduation Certificate or a G.C.E. Certificate looks like, take a look. They are provided by Edwin Tut and Frances (Beale) Mahoney, respectively.
Science Club BadgeCecil Wagstaff shares his Science Club Membership Badge with us.
Jon Chen is proud to show you his MEOSA membership card front and back.

Tin Aung Cho collected autographs of several MEHS teachers and staff. How many can you identify?

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