Welcome, Everybody! from Tommy Htay

from Tommy Htay

Tommy HtayIt was the inimitable Juliet Teoh, founder and organizer par excellence of the Methodist English High School Alumni (MEHSA), who first graced this page with a welcome message. Inspired by her leadership, dedication and devotion to the cause of the old students of our alma mater, at her clarion call, several of us from the East Coast of the United States together with Gloria Hengshoon of California rallied behind her with an expressed purpose of gearing our efforts towards the growth and sustenance of MEHSA and having the first-ever international re-union event.

Sadly, a twist of fate cut short her young and vibrant life in 1999 and we all mourned deeply for the loss of Juliet. However, the passage of time did not deter us to maintain her legacy and to make her dream come true. Although it was first planned to make the international re-union of MEHSA a millennium event in 2000 in the east coast of the United States, another twist of fate, namely, our dear principal Mrs. Logie running into an unfortunate traffic accident rendering her wheel-chair bound, made us move the time to 2001, and the venue to the United Kingdom, where she was living.

Leo Tan and fellow alumni in the U.K. and the U.S. did a marvelous job of making the first-ever MEHSA international reunion in Kidderminster in 2001 (July 7-8) a resounding success. And the most significant and crowning moment there was a long line of her old students taking turns to shake hands with Mrs. Logie and to whisper sweet nothings into her ears as she sat so sweetly and elegantly on her wheel chair. Mrs. Logie passed away the following year (2002) in the U.K.

The second international reunion in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. in 2006 (July 2-3), organized by Cecil Teoh and several alumni, was also a blast and it set the tone, so to speak, for the future of MEHSA. The MEHS Memorial Foundation followed with Harry Taw as the elected president.

The Bangkok reunion event in 2008 (January 12) and the one in Pattaya in 2010 (January 9-10), planned by an indefatigable Edwin Aye Tut et al were a complete package of fun bar none, so far, what with top entertainment and excursions.

The fifth reunion in Las Vegas, USA (July 18-19, 2011) was an epitome of key lady organizers' feminine flair and ingenuity. They rolled the dice and deftly swept the tables clean, so to speak, with aplomb. It also marked the launching of "Project Cherished Memories", a brainchild of Cecil Teoh, for all alumni to contribute write-ups of memories of their school days at MEHS by e-mail to Tommy Htay (kmhtay@comcast.net), the Project Manager, who will edit and compile into a book for all to enjoy -- including the alumni's own generations to come.

Essence rode high at the homecoming 6th Reunion in Yangon (January 5-6, 2013) where a record-breaking 700 alumni and guests attended. For the first time ever, the Methodist English High School Foundation and the MEHS alumni worldwide presented the "Most Distinguished MEHS Alumnus Award" to Nobel laureate Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and the "Juliet Teoh Memorial Award" to six worthy alumni for their outstanding performances for the Methodist English High School Old Students' Association (MEOSA) and Methodist English High School Alumni (MEHSA) entities. Harry Taw, President of the Foundation since its inception in 2008 also handed over the presidency to Tommy Htay.

The 7th International Reunion at Lanikuhonua "where heaven meets the earth" in Hawaii (September 6-7, 2014) was a neat package of scenic beauty and the finesse of Hawaiian tradition and culture in terms of Tahitian dances, food, fun and hospitality. This one-of-a-kind "Seventh Heaven in Aloha Land" warmed the hearts of the attendees and a memorable event to muse over for many, many years to come.

Surely, our alumni will keep on romping around the world at different venues in various continents for many, many more reunions to come.

In all these efforts, this website, initiated by Juliet and her younger brother Kenny Teoh, who ran it single-handedly with such precision and professionalism, played a pivotal part in keeping the Methodist English High School alumni all over the world well-informed, connected and stay connected. No wonder, at the Los Angeles reunion, webmaster Kenny fittingly received a Thank You plaque from the MEHS alumni worldwide for his excellent effort and continuing dedication.

Over the years, the website has grown in scope and substance. Look at all the information and memorabilia you can enjoy! Continue using it in getting in touch with your old friends and teachers. Let this be the vehicle by which you can help make MEHSA alive and relevant ad infinitum. Give support when needed. After all, haven't we all been singing at the top of our lungs "(Vive la, vive la, vive l'amour)2, (vive l'amour)2, Vive la compagnie!" at every reunion?

(Tommy Htay is from the Class of '56. He resides in the U.S. East Coast and is one of the founders of MEHSA.)


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