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On 2/29/04 Grace Osmundsen (nee Rorke) wrote:

Good to make contact, and hope will find some old friends again. Have a picture taken in the grounds of all the pupils from 1938/39. Very old, but many will recognize themselves. Will try and send it through the network.

On 2/24/04 Grace Osmundsen (nee Rorke) wrote:

Our famly was called Rorke. Doreen Logie was so well known by my family and I saw her last many years ago in England. We left Burma when the Japenese invaded. I was in contact with Thomas Brewster Manton and have lost contact with him, and can't get him on the website after reading about his parents. I used to help bath him - being his senior. If Thomas reads this I hope he will get in contact with me. I have written a book called "A Child In Burma" which is on sale and many from our land are reading it.

Do they still have the old school hymn? "Let the spirit of the MGHS... etc. Doreen will remember it. Eileen and Pat my sisters are still alive, as is Tom, but Alan was killed in his plane many years ago. Anyone who remembers us please contact...

Kind regards to all.
Grace Rorke.

On 2/21/2004 Lois Jane 'Terex' Lee wrote:

On 2/21/04, I sent a 'Deepest Sympathy Card' with the following message:

TO: The Family Of Mrs. Agnes Ho (a) Daw Thein Myint:

Most recently, I have found The MEHS Alumni Association. I feel so RECONCILED with MEHS school (1952 to 1966: Yangon, Myanmar), teachers, staff and the students from MEHS. During the years 1969, 1970 and 1971, I tried to keep 'in touch' by writing to my classmates: Julie Aung, Margaret Hla Tin and Cordial Aung. However, they have been married and moved away with no forwarding addresses. I lost touch with them. Since 1969, I have MOVED about 5 dozen times. I am so very sorry to read about Mrs. Agnes Ho passing away. I have WONDERFUL memories of her and my HOME SCHOOL teacher, Mrs. Hein Tin for STD X. I remember carpooling with my schoolmates. I am sending each of you my VERY FONDEST MEMORIES of MEHS, my TEACHERS, STAFF and STUDENTS.

Lois Jane 'Terex' Lee (a)
Myint Myint Yee

On 2/13/04 Leela Rao wrote:

Hi, I was thrilled to learn of your website. I left MEHS in 1958. My Teacher was Mrs. Manook. Her daughter Prunella was also at MEHS. My Hindi Teacher was Mrs. Dugal. Mrs. Doreen Logie was my beloved Principal. I have such fond memories of my stay in Rangoon. Smart and Mookerdum was a great Book store. I still have my Wren and Martin that we bought from there. I have such vivid memories of MEHS, it's chapel and the beautiful Book Store upstairs. I have the 'Swaying Palm' and the beautiful song book.

If I can only connect up with a few of my good friends from back then, it would be a dream come true. I would love to hear about my classmates Rosebud Kyaw Sein, Vivian Sudan, Rita Chopra, Kusum Thacker and Biplap Chakraborthy. I was in the afternoon session. I would love to hear from anyone who was there at that time.

Thanks a ton for creating this website. I have been thinking of Rangoon and the wonderful years spent in MEHS. The fun Fair, Sports Day, School Day are forever etched in my memory, never to go away. Rangoon was and will always be my second home. My father worked was on deputation to Burma and so we travelled to the five States. I hold onto all that we brought back from Burma...most of all precious memories. Keep up this good work.

On 2/10/04 Chandroo Gopaldas wrote:

Dear Friends,

My visit to Rangoon (Yangon) after 40 years

During January 2004, I managed to finally fulfill one of my dreams and returned back to Rangoon after 40 years. It was a memorable visit and I would like to share my experience with my friends who have lived in Rangoon before or wish to visit it in the future. My article comes with pictures.

Hereunder is the link to my web page.

Best Regards,


On 1/27/04 Anne Pascal wrote:

I was so glad to come across this web site of my old school. I saw a picture of my cousin Louise Chamarette in it, and my Aunt Mary and Edith Manook. My Aunt Doris Chamarette used to be part of the administration staff. My brother Glen was in Mrs. Brady's class when we left. My family left for England in December, 1959. Delphine Manook and I were the best of friends in school. I also know that Edith Mariano is living in Nice, France. Just returned from Perth, WA where there are a lot of former Burma people. Doreen Logie was a close friend of my parents.

I would love to here from my former classmates.

On 1/22/04 Thomas Ong wrote:

Kung Hei Fat Choy to all our alumni.

I agreed with you Charlie (for voluntary donation).
Pl. organise one Charlie and I will be the first one to donate for our Alumni website.


On 1/17/04 Richard K. Leong wrote:

Its been over 30 years now since I left MEHS or No. 1 Dagon. The last time I went back to Burma in the year 2000, I met some schoolmates that I have missed for 30 years. It was so extraordinary feeling to see them. I didn't get a chance to see my old good friends Johnny Pe Thet, Phillip Din, Richard Pyo Nyein and Brian Hla Pe. But I got a chance to meet Robert Swe, Louis Shwe Baw, Edward Han, Edward Min Han, Aung Kyaw Min and Zaw Oo. Was happy to know that they were doing alright, but was sad to hear Oo Myint passed away. Wondering what Alexander Chit Swe was doing. Nobody know where he is, nobody know what he's doing.

Places changed, things changed and lifes change, some are gone some still remain, most of all I miss them all...To all my school mates and school friends.

Richard Kyun Leong

On 1/12/04 Lucy Chen (Lin L. Herbert) wrote:

Proud to be an alum from MEHS.

On 1/1/04 Michael Kar wrote:

Most interested in establishing contact with former GCE students.

On 12/24/2003 Lois Jane Lee wrote:

Wishing each of U and your FAMILY, "HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

THANKS for your continuous support.


Lois Jane 'Terex' Lee @
Myint Myint Yee
A Royal Daughter Of MEHS/DagonI, Yangon, Myamar.

On 12/24/2003 Charlie Kay wrote:

Hi Kenny:

As the year 2003 is drawing to a close, I like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy (Chinese) New Year.

Like Mrs. Logie would have said.... "At this time..." I also would like to say thank you for your tireless effort and valuable time and dedication put in to maintain the MEHSA website and to keep it lively, fresh and current.

I would like to suggest that a small amount of voluntary donation or contribution from members should be collected to help defray the cost of the website. I am sure most of us will agree.

On 12/23/2003 Lois J. Lee (Myint Myint Yee) wrote:

THANKS to my classmate May Tha Hla for the 17 pictures of The MEHS Building posted in the year 2001. Many parts of The MEHS School are still the same.

It seems like ONLY YESTERDAY that I was there as a student, in the:
Nursery Class,
Food Canteen,
Shed (Physical Education, Waiting For Transportation),
Assembly Hall (School Song, singing, concerts, Graduation, etc...),
Football Field (Games, Fun Fairs, Physical Training),
First Aid Room,

This is ONE PLACE that I share with my SCHOOLMATES, FAMILY, FRIENDS and GUESTS of MEHS/Dagon I, Yangon, Myanmar. The years go by... There is always ROOM for IMPROVEMENTS....

A Royal Daughter Of MEHS

On 12/23/2003 Lois J. Lee (Myint Myint Yee) wrote:

On 12/21/03, my cousin Roland Liu, a former student of MEHS, gave me this website. I feel RECONCILED to my Principal, Mrs. Doreen Logie, staff and schoolmates from MEHS (1952 to 1966).

THANKS for an EXCELLENT WORK done on this MEHSA website.



Lois Jane Lee 'Terex' @
Myint Myint Yee

On 9/29/03 Edwyn AyeTut wrote:

I haven't opened the website for quite sometime although our second International Reunion in Yangon was a great success and mememories lingered on. The "Teen Angels" made a few come backs songs and dance and wished Bo Bo was there joining us three Victor, Frank and Edwyn on stage.

I shouted to David (David Yone Mo) from the stage to join in the singing like the others around the dining hall. He smiled. It was a good smile, like he was over 45 years ago. A Childish smile at my Patrol's Boy Scout campings.

All these are on CD-Rom, thanks to Gloria and Jimmy. David's achievements are beyond our imaginations. How could he be so energetic!! These were not easy. David brought to the Lord's feet ..... Peter Bo, from near ruin of his life. Many old Students had acheived wealth (and happiness?) all over the world after leaving behind the ole country.

Think again, before we all follow David sooner or later... What you can do for the ole country....

With Warm regards,

On 9/24/03 Sappho Gillego Ong wrote:

I was so delighted to see the class picture of Std. 3A under Mrs. Battle and was proud that I could still remember several names of my classmates. I had fond memories of Burma. It had remained in my heart and in my thoughts. You will be amazed that I can still write and talk some Burmese words and cook one Burmese dish which my children love to eat. Through the internet, MEHSA has bonded everyone who had at one time in their life been a part of that great school, the Methodist English High School. Indeed, I will be very happy to hear from my former classmates and friends. By the way, I have 2 brothers and 4 sisters and we all attended MEHS. I am an ER physician in NY, married with 4 grown up kids. Also, looking forward to retire five years from now.

On 9/16/03 Francis J. Porter wrote:

Its been a long time since I had a look at the MEHS site and reading Sheila Gillego's comments brought back fond memories. I am sure Horacio was in class with me and the two Reyes Brothers Tony & Reney. We were good friends and I often spent days at the Reyes residence. They and Horacio also came over and spent time at my home in Syriam. I often wonder where they are now, Tony, Reney & Horacio.

I get to see Alan Simpson from time to time when I get up to Perth to see my children. I was merried to Sandra Halhed who passed away through cancer 11 years ago. Sandra was Fay Fencott's first cousin, and I see her also in Perth. I shall be seeing her at my daughter Natasha's wedding in November.

I also remember Sundee Setkya teaching me to cha-cha in 1959 at her home in Windemere? She was good fun and I believe she worked with my brother Hugh in Sydney. Gosh its such a small world shrunken by this wonderful thing called the internet. Digby Minas where are you?

Francis J Porter

On 9/11/03 Sheila Gillego-Logrono wrote:

My sister and brothers are happy to have been connected with this MEHSA family.

My sister, Sappho particularly is looking for her classmate named Molly -(she forgot the last name) but she wants to get in touch with her and thank her for the goodness she has shown her when she was a new student at MEHS.

She is also looking for Brenda Perreira - if anybody knows anything as to their whereabouts - you will make my sister very happy.

On 9/5/03 Sheila Gillego wrote:

I am #6 of 7 Gillego children who attended MEHS. We stayed in Burma in the late 50s until all expats had to go. My father, Bonifacio Gillego served as military attache in the Philippine embassy - he died in 8/1/02 at age 81.

My siblings names are:
brothers: Horacio and Virgilio
sisters: Sappho, Suzette, Portia, myself (Sheila) and Cynthia.

Five of us are all in the US and 2 are in the Philippines with my mother. I started schooling (kindergarten) there. Young as I was then, I do have fond memories of MEHS - the morning assembly in the dark auditorium - my friend, Gladys Boot - (if my memory serves me right) - and I do remember Mrs. Logie - I see my sister's picture in one of the class pictures of MEHS - IIIA -Sappho Gillego.

On 8/29/03 Dinah Aw wrote:


I am here in Perth on vacation and feel so happy to read the messages from Thomas, Kenny and Peter Ba Pu. Hope you remember me. I'm still living near (Kitty Khoo) our school and attends the church with Pamela Boey. Do contact and visit me when you come.

Remainder in Myanmar

On 8/17/03 Zahid Mookerdum wrote:

I'm the grandson of Yaqoob Mookerdum, the owner of Smart and Mookerdum bookshop at Rangoon. I'm residing in Islamabad, Pakistan. I am a fighter pilot by profession. I welcome all my family members to contact me at

On 7/9/03 Marina S. Lal wrote:

I graduated in 1963 (G.C.E.) and also worked as a teacher in M.E.H.S. just before and after the nationalisation (I was a kindergarden teacher from 1964 to 1966.)

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