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Teacher Lonsdale is interested to know if there are any alumni in Haywards Heath or nearby City?

Does anyone know how to contact Jacqueline Parry? Winnie Tun Tin from Rome would like to get in touch with her.

Please contact Winnie at: or Thank you.

My name when I was in MEHS was Kwee Hian Liem.

Standard VI A2, Year 1962-1963, House Livingstone.

Specific person I would like to connect is:

1. Teddy Khaw,
2. Timmy Khaw
3. Henry Yin
4. Peter Mo Kyaw
5. Freddy Tim Maung Maung

They all were in the same class.

Best Regards,


July 16,2017:
Any body who was in class viii and ix gce classes during 1957-1959
i will be happy to communicate

regards Hanif Lakhani

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