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Class of 1960-1961


  1. Alan Tin-Win (deSantos)

    February 12, 2017

    Std IXC – Mrs Evans class
    Front Row: ……. (Magda Htaik?).Mrs Evans, Hilda Ho, (?), (Blanche Lim?), Chloe Ko Gyi
    4th Row: … TTMaung, Freddie Knott, Saw Lwin Aung, Frank Chien Lyan
    3rd Row: Arthur Aung Din, ……..George, Richard Shwe Hla Oo, Wilfred Hmee, Stanley (Aung? Not Julia’s husband), Leslie Sein Bu
    2nd Row: Kyi Kyi Hliang, Mi Mi Sein, (Helen Lim?), Elizabeth Tin Oo, Lei Lei Win, Julia Win, Sandra Rahman,Catherine Ba Thaung Nyunt, (Rosie Taw?)
    Will add names later – Will check with Julia Win on 26th Feb

  2. Myo

    August 21, 2020

    per Aung Kyaw Nyein
    Std VIII C (1960)
    3rd row: 3H/Richard Aye; 3I/Michael Pe Tin; 3J/Oscar Ohn Maung (not Gerald Tin)
    4th row: 4G is Ba Thein (not Thein Tun)
    1st row: 1H is Vicky Maung
    2nd row: 2I /Valerie San Lin (deceased)

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