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Mrs. Logie Letter

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8th April, 1998

Greetings to you all the MEHS clan. I sit here on a lovely spring morning enjoying my garden through the window. The bright yellow daffodils are bobbing about in the stiff breeze and the scarlet tulips make a lovely show. Robins and starlings are busily foraging for food and a couple of doves are looking on hopefully from their high perch on the old plum tree. It is a lovely time of the year when the sun shines.I’m thinking of you all and about your lives as you grew up together in the school. Some of you still seem like little children to me, especially one very spoilt little new boy in the Kindergarten who was having a tantrum at being admitted. His anxious parents accompanying him on his first day were trying to calm him down. Miss Brown was trying to calm the parents. Suddenly the little boy looked up at his parents and said, “Come on then, coax me, coax me.” He turned out to be one of our best young students later on, bless him.

So many of you are now grown to full manhood and womanhood. Mothers and fathers of your own growing families. Bless you all. Pass on the best lessons you learned at MEHS and be proud of your heritage, and make them proud too. Some of you are even grandparents and I often wonder if I am the only great grandparent of the lot.

I have two great grand children Georgia Meredith, daughter of Gillian’s daughter Samantha and Mark Meredith, a young farmer. Then there is Jennifer McMillan, daughter of Gillian’s son, Graeme. They are expecting an addition to the family this month. I get such fun watching Georgie and Jennifer growing up. They are almost the same age, three and a half years old, and attends nursery.

It is always such a joy to hear from you all and I thank you and greatly appreciate your letters from all over the world. May you all be healthy, prosperous and happy.


Doreen Logie


Contribution Request

Dear M.E.H.S / BEHS (1) Dagon Alumni

I would like to inform you that Government of Myanmar officially announced that all the high schools will be opened in mid July, 2020. In accordance with the instructions, Basic Education High School No.(1) Dagon (former Methodist English High School) need to be opened in mid July.There are about (6000) students in BEHS(1) Dagon and the Principal,Teachers and Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) need to prepare COVID-19 prevention matters in time before opening of the school. In this regard, we would like to invite contributions from the MEHS /BEHS (1) Dagon Alumni to arrange the following materials for the students before opening of the school in time.

  1. Body Temperature Screening Equipment.
  2. Basins for hand washing.
  3. Sanitizers.
  4. Face Masks.
  5. Face Shields.
  6. Gloves.
  7. Hand Gels.
  8. Pulse Oximeter.
  9. Emergency medicines to be kept in School Nursing Room.
  10. Foggers to spray insecticides.

Please contact EC members of Yangon Working Committee and EC members of former MEHS Memorial Foundation in order to remit your contributions.
“Even the smallest act of kindness is worth while “.
Thanks & Best regards,
Selwyn @ Saw Wynn
General Secretary,Yangon Working Committee.
Patron, Parents Teachers Association, BEHS No(1) Dagon(former MEHS)
Myanmar Yutani Co., Ltd.
G17-19, F13-15,
Aung San Stadium (North Wing)
Gyophyu Street, Mingalar Taung Nyunt Township,
Yangon, Myanmar.

Tel : 951-394824, 393051
Mobile : 09-975305000

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