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Senior Head Prefects (1956-1957): (L-R): Walter Chen, Lousia Benson, Cynthia Sahgal and Cecel Todd. Courtesy of Jon Chen Sept, 29, 2014

(L-R): Walter Chen, Lousia Benson, Cynthia Sahgal and Cecel Todd.

Courtesy of Jon Chen Sept, 29, 2014


Prefects of 1956-1957

Row 4 (L-R): Donald Samban, RObert Ong, Eugene Thaike, Jimmy Ong, Edward Thaike, Peter Ba San, Jonathan Benson, Wilson Nyun
Row 3 (L-R): Bevin Middleton, Keith Oakeshott, Robin Soorty, David Ba Htay?, Alwin Tun Tin, Sydney Lim, Melvin Lynn, Alan Simpson, Joe Martin, Ashok Nath, Allen Wu, Vivyan Sharma, 3M, Shu Yee Wong, Harry Taw
Row 2 (L-R): Bertie Aye, Penny Po Saw, Tin Tin Aye, Lily Ong, anna May Chain, Louis Chamarette, Marina Pererra, 2H, Lillian Solomon, Annette Jenkins, Gloria Hengshoon, Maureen Lal, 2M, 2N, 2O June Taw
Row 1 (L-R): Yin Yin Thaike?, Margaret Gale, Betty Tin Moung, Margie San Che, Lily Yuan, Louisa Benson, Walter Chen, Cynthia Sahgal, Jacqueline Gill, Esme Chan Htoon, Sylvia Swe?, May Saw Lwin

(Photo courtesy of Jimmy Ong. Thanks to Jon Chen and Chris Manook for helping to identify the prefects. Please help identify the rest)
Last Update: September 28, 2014


MEHS girl prefects with Mrs. Logie and Mrs. Evans

Row 3 (L-R): Tin Tin Myint, Myint Mint?Sein, Annette Myo Zin, ?Sein, Rosaline Won, 3F, Mrs. Logie, Rosebud Ho, Mrs. Evans, Shirley Than Maung, Ingrid?Hla Oung, Pamela Aung
Row 2 (L-R): 2A, 2B, Joanne McLean?, 2D, Veda Yang, 2F
Row 1(L-R): Patricia Hengshoon, 1B, 1C, Dolly Kamdar, Wendy Chan?, Ivy Sein

(Photo courtesy of Rosebud Ho. Thanks to Mae Mie Yaw Hline, Lyn Aung Thet and Deepak Nair for helping to identify the prefects.)
Last Update: Feb 29, 2008


Image of 1955 Prefects

Row 5(L-R): Cecil Todd, Winston Than Maung, Keith Oakshot, Murray Forkgen, Vivian Sharma, Henry Ba San, Tin Win, David Teoh

Row 4 (L-R): Cecil Teoh, 4B, Robert Oung Sein, Abe David, Jerry Daniesl, John McLean, Myint Maung, Toshiro
Row 3 (L-R): Josephine Hengshoon, Betty Pe Win, Julia Chow, Prunella Manook, Matilda McKay. Yvonne Cooper, Sheila Saing, Kathleen Manesch, Lily Hwang
Row 2 (L-R): Mrs. Logie, Norma Tharawaddy, Hanna Raymond, Maureen Lal, Alice Kazarany, Shirley Bo, P. Kelly, Joyce Smith, Doreen Sharma
Row 1 (L-R): Rosemary Chain, 1B, Kim McKertich, P. McKertich, Doris Saw Han, Winnie Aye Maung, C. Poonawala, G.Turner, 1I

(Photo courtesy of Kim Edwards. Thanks to Frances (Beale) Manoney and Ceceil Teoh for helping to identify some of the prefects. Please help identify the rest)
Last Update: March 3, 2010


Prefects 1960s

Row 3 (L-R): Philip Yone Mo, Harry Saing, Ye Myint Pe, Ronald Tu Maung, 3E, Peter Ba Pu, ?Sony Khoo, Duke Poh Hla, Alvin Kha, Henry Thein Han
Row 2 (L-R): Aye Zaw Win, Gerald Tin Maung, Gordon Wong, Robert Aung Khin, Mra Tun, Willie Tun Yin, 2G, 2H, Digby Minus, 2J, @K, @L, Frederick Smith, Lui Swee San.
Row 1 (L-R): Jimmy Ba Kyin, Kenneth Kyaw, Mrs. Evans, Mrs. Logie, Robert Ong, Alvin Aye Maung.

(Photo courtesy of Digby Minus. Thanks to Charlie Kay, Robert Ong, and Leo Tan for helping to identify some of the students.
Last update: Aug 29, 2007


MEHS prefects. Please help identify the prefects.


Prefects of 1962

MEHS Prefects of 1962.
(Courtesy of Daniel Tint Lwin)
Last Update: March 16, 1998


Junior Head Prefects (1956-1957)-First row (L-R): Patricia Kyi, Mrs. Greenwell Second row (L-R): Lily Hwang, Frank Chiong Third row (L-R): Jon Chen courtesy of Jon Chen - Dec 22, 2008

First row (L-R): Patricia Kyi, Mrs. Greenwell
Second row (L-R): Lily Hwang, Frank Chiong
Third row (L-R): Jon Chen

Courtesy of Jon Chen – Dec 22, 2008

Contribution Request

Dear M.E.H.S / BEHS (1) Dagon Alumni

I would like to inform you that Government of Myanmar officially announced that all the high schools will be opened in mid July, 2020. In accordance with the instructions, Basic Education High School No.(1) Dagon (former Methodist English High School) need to be opened in mid July.There are about (6000) students in BEHS(1) Dagon and the Principal,Teachers and Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) need to prepare COVID-19 prevention matters in time before opening of the school. In this regard, we would like to invite contributions from the MEHS /BEHS (1) Dagon Alumni to arrange the following materials for the students before opening of the school in time.

  1. Body Temperature Screening Equipment.
  2. Basins for hand washing.
  3. Sanitizers.
  4. Face Masks.
  5. Face Shields.
  6. Gloves.
  7. Hand Gels.
  8. Pulse Oximeter.
  9. Emergency medicines to be kept in School Nursing Room.
  10. Foggers to spray insecticides.

Please contact EC members of Yangon Working Committee and EC members of former MEHS Memorial Foundation in order to remit your contributions.
“Even the smallest act of kindness is worth while “.
Thanks & Best regards,
Selwyn @ Saw Wynn
General Secretary,Yangon Working Committee.
Patron, Parents Teachers Association, BEHS No(1) Dagon(former MEHS)
Myanmar Yutani Co., Ltd.
G17-19, F13-15,
Aung San Stadium (North Wing)
Gyophyu Street, Mingalar Taung Nyunt Township,
Yangon, Myanmar.

Tel : 951-394824, 393051
Mobile : 09-975305000

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