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MEHS Memorial Foundation History

A Special Announcement to all MEHS Alumni

The MEHS Memorial Foundation

For some considerable time, many of us have been talking amongst ourselves about doing something worthwhile in appreciation and in memory of, in the words of our school song, “Dear Old MEHS”, our teachers, administrators and other staff, all of whom did so much for us.

The idea we have come up with is to establish a fund – called the MEHS Memorial Foundation, and whose Constitution and By Laws will be published on the MEHSA web-site – which will be used to provide scholarships for bright students in Burma, who are in need of some financial support in order that they can achieve their maximum potential. Funds will also be used to help those who helped us through our own school years.

It is expected that the Foundation will be registered in California later this year as an official tax-exempt charity. 2007 has been chosen as its launch year as it is the 60th anniversary of the opening of the MEHS in 1947. There are 5 initial Trustees – the original members of the working committee which developed the scheme – but the Foundation needs many more volunteer helpers if it is to be a success. And this is where each of you can help. The Foundation needs ambassadors who will promote the Foundation in their own countries; collectors of donated funds; and volunteers in Burma who will help identify those whom the Foundation should support. And donors most of all.

We are also calling for a few more alumni who are willing to join as Trustees of the Foundation.

What we ask you to do now

  1. Nominate yourself, or another alumnus who can and will assist the Foundation.
  2. Send your name and, as appropriate, confirmation of your nominee’s acceptance of your nomination by email to Edwin Tin Tut at
  3. Let Edwin know how much you are willing to donate to the Foundation, as a lump sum, or annually. (This can be a provisional figure if you prefer, and you can also let him know whether or not you wish your donation to be made public).

More details of the scheme will be available at the Reunion in Bangkok on 12th January 2008, when we will start collecting donations, but any interim questions you have can be sent to the initial Trustees, who are

  • Edwin Tin Tut
  • Harry Taw
  • Cecil Wagstaff
  • Nyunt Nyunt Yi (Julia Win)
  • Marina Gaudoin (nee Pereira)

All the best,


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