Edwin Tin Htut wrote…
“A glimpse of how our class rooms look like in 2015 and my tribute to the school and class teacher Ms Thein
Class 9 D Matriculation old Student visiting old class room,Class teacher Ms Charity Thein.

After you finished working on her Math question and go to her desk and show your calculations in your
exercise book.
Teacher will say YES and just ticked correct without looking at the calculations and answer .

This is called trust
You will not go to her desk unless your math calculation answers are correct.

She taught us trust building and truthfulness this way

Edwin in 9D classroom
Edwin Tin Htut in 9D, Teacher Charity Thein’s classroom.

MEHS, 9D classroom corner on the second floor

2nd floor our corner class room
The school was decorated with lights for my graduation ! Lol”

Pyo Win wrote…
“I respected and adored Sayama Gyi Ms Thein a lot. She was very fond of me, Liked my writiing, since I always used big numbers and letters. Bless her memory.”