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Donors List

List of MEHS Alumni who have graciously donated to the MEHS Foundation

For donation please contact us at

Alan De Santos US $100
Albert Chein Lyan US $100
Alexander Chu US $25
Alumni Donor Thai Baht 150,000 (US $4600)
Alumni USA, name withheld US $100
Amin Gaziani (1) US $100
Amin Gaziani (2) US $85
Ashok Nath US $125
Ashok Nath US $100 (April 2009)
Bryan Swe Tun (Sein Tun) US $25
Bunny DeSantos US $20 (Sept. 2009)
Carol Clift US $100
Cecil Wagstaff US $100
Chandroo Gopaldas US $200
Cissy Taw US $100
Cleo Kyin Oo Appleton US $150
Clive Tha Khin US $25
Daisy Taw US $100
Diana Lwin US $25
Duke Po Hla US $320
Edward Henderson US $50
Edwin Aye Tut US $200
Edwin Aye Tut US $120 (Sept. 2009)
Estelle Reuben US $75
Esther Lim US $100
Gerald Whittaker (non alumni) AU $500
Gloria J. Winthein (Hengshoon) US $50
Harry Taw US $300
Helen Sein (Nyunt Nyunt Sein) US $25
Henry Chen US $150
Hugh Maung Maung US $100
Jennie Su AU $120
Jessie Taw US $100
Jimmy Winthein (Khoo) US $50
Julia Win (Nyunt Nyunt Yi) US $50
Julia Win US $20 (Sept. 2009)
Khin Nyo Thet US $100
Khin Soe Tin (Suzie Hein Tin) US $50
Kyi Kyi May (Hazel Kyaw Zaw) US $25
Lady Donor Thai Baht 3300 (US $100)
Lady from Class of 1961 US $100
Leo Tan US $100
Leslie Bu (Aung Khine) US $100
Lily Taw US $1183
Margaret Soe Maung US $100
Marina Gaudoin US $465
May Aye Myint (Ivy Chit) US $25
May Tha-Hla US $25
Merrylin Zawmon US $25
Mi Mi Sein US $50
Michael Lim US $75
Michael Mathews US $25
Michael Moe Myint US $325
Michael Ohn Myint US $25
Mra Tun US $25
Myo Shin (Robert Shin) US $100
Myo Thant US $150
Oliver Kyi Htain US $25
Pamela Marshall US $50
Patricia Clift US $100
Patsy Ba Khet US $75
Peta Clark (Peta Tun Tin) US $50
Po Soe Nyunt (Soe Thin) US $100
Pyo Win US $150
Rene Chaudhuri US $100
Rhoda Linton US $100
Robert Aung Khin US $100
Rochelle Kierzenblat (Solomon) US $100
Roland Khin US $300 (March 2009)
Ronald Rajan US $25
Ronnie Kin Maung Lwin US $50
Rose Ba Khet US $75
Rosie Taw US $100
Saleem Lodhia US $55
Sandra Kyaw Oo (Rahman) US $50
Saw Norman Bwa US $25
Sheila Patail US $50
Shirley Aung US $25
Tan Yu Sein US $100
Thawda Win US $150
Thelma Sein US $100
Thet Thet Sein (Thelma Sein) US $100
Tin Tin Aye US $10 (Sept. 2009)
Tommy Htay US $200
Thomas Ong US $200
Tyrone Khin US $100
Victor Mathews US $100
Violet Cooling (Tan) US $200
Vivian Lee US $200
Wenchan (Vincent) Lau US $50
William Taw (Myatt) US $25
Winnie Tin Tut US $100
Winsome Ba Thike US $100
Winsome Sein Tun US $25
Yee May Kaung Singapore $50 (US $33) (Sept. 2009)
Yi Yi Myint (Shirley Nyunt) US $100
Ying Ying Thaike US $200


Albert Chain Lyan US $100
Thelma Sein US $100
Susan Tun Tin US $100
Hazel Kyaw Zaw US $100
Edward Pe Sein US $100
Ni Ni Ohn US $100
Thelma Chain Lyan US $100
Jimmy Win Thein US $100
Gloria Win Thein US $100
Doris Chain Lyan US $100
Pyo Wai Win (Euro 77.00) US $105.30
Julia Win US $100
Dr. Than Aung (Guest) US $20
George Thein (Guest) US $100
Tammy Aye Tut (Guest) US $100
Edwin Aye Tut US $200
Nay Lin Oo – Class of 1987 (Dagon No.1) US $100
Collective fund raising from Cuff Links balance US $550
Reunion 2008 DVD,Cook book sales,etc. US $300
Marina Gaudoin US $270
Elizabeth Soe Maung US $100
Byran Sein Tun US $100
Tin Ohnmar Tun US $100
Ranwest Foundation US $1000
Yee May Kaung US $100
Bernelle (nee DeSantos) Po Ba US $100
Elizabeth Ann Pascal US $100
Jessie Taw US $200
Joan Kilgore (Beale) US $100
Lily Taw US $100
Margaret Shin US $200
Michael Mathews US $150
Muriel Kin Maung US $125
Ronnie Bo Manjee US $100
Thawda Win US $100
Tin Tin Aye US $100
Tommy Htay US $100
Winston Tun US $100
Mi Mi Sein US $100

Malika Shah US $50
Chandroo Gopaldas US $100
Jimmy Ong US $100
Jessie Taw US $200
Marina Gaudoin US $200
Bo Zaw Win US $100
Jan E. Brook US $100
Kirit K. Tolia US $501
Lily Taw US $500
Johnny Saing US $100
Sheila Lao US $100
Winsome Ba Htike (Win May) US $100
Patricia Khinswe Min Mya US $100
Pamela Marshall US $100
Cecilia Lay Maung US $100

Albert Ohn Khin US $100
Anonymous donor US $500
Anonymous US $50
George Teoh US $100
Roland Liu US $100
Paula Helfrich US $100
Anonymous US $500
Anonymous Donation US $50

Paula Helfrich – Lifetime US $100
Winnie Tin Tut – Lifetime US $100
Estelle Katheleen Vaz US $150
Eleanor Colleen Mitry US $150
Sandow Nyan Lin US $100
Bryan Swe Tin US $100
Ashok Nath US $100
Johnny Saing US $100
Edwin Tin Tut US $100
Sale of MEHS Coins US $544

Yee May Kaung $100

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