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Attendees list


Total Registered Attendees = 66

Name (First, Last) School Name Email Country Year Graduated/Left House #Attending Status Paid
ARCHIE MYINT ARCHIBALD United Kingdom 1970 (RED) Wesley 1 CONFIRMED Paid
Aye Aye Than Aye Aye Than Australia 1973 (Blue)Livingston 1 Confirmed Paid
Aye Aye Yee Aye Aye Yee USA 1973   1 CONFIRM  
Aye Myint Aye Myint Myanmar 1971   1 CONFIRM  
Bernelle(Bunny) Po Ba Bernelle de Santos UK 1959   2 Confirmed Paid
Bryan Swe Tun Bryan Sein Tun USA 1966   1 CONFIRM  
Cho Cho khin Guest       1 Confirm  
Collen Lal Collen Lal Myanmar 1959   1 confirm  
Cyril Than Hla Cyril Ba Than Myanmar 1961   1 confirm  
Daphne Aye Aye Than Daphne Aye AyeThan Myanmar 1973   1 confirm  
David Wynn Han Yeo David Australia 1974 (Yellow)Carey 1 Confirmed Paid
Dolly Mya Tin Dolly Mya Tin Myanmar 1971   1 confirm  
Dorothy Tucker Dorothy Gauld UK 1958   1 Confirmed Paid
Edward Sein Edward Chiong UK 1968   1 Confirmed Paid
Hla Thin Guest UK       Confirm  
Hlaing Sein Hlaing Sein Myanmar 1971   1 confirm  
Htoo Han Htoo Han Myanmar 1972   1 confirm  
Irene Yi Irene Kong UK 1967 (Yellow)Carey 1 Confirmed Paid
Jon Wilkinson Guest of May Tha-Hla UK NA (Blue)Livingston 1 Confirm  
June Mya Than Win June Ba Than UK 1967 (Blue)Livingston 1 Paid Paid
Khin Khin Thwe Khin Khin Thwe Myanmar 1961   1 confirm  
Khin Maung Htay Tommy Htay USA 1956 Carey 2 Confirmed  
Khin May Mya Khin May Mya Myanmar 1968   1 confirm  
Khin Myint Wai Khin Myint Wai Myanmar 1961   1 confirm  
Khin San Wai Khin San Wai Myanmar 1987   1 confirm  
Khin Soe Nwe Khin Soe Nwe Myanmar 1971   1 confirm  
Khin Soe Tin Khin Soe tin Phillipines 1996   1 Confirm  
Khin Toe Khin Toe Myanmar 1974   1 confirm  
Khynn Ma Ma Khynn Ma Ma Myanmar 1965   1 confirm  
Kwee Hian Liem MEHS Germany 1964 (Blue)Livingston One Belgien  
Kyaw Htun Guest UK     1 Confirmed  
Kyi Kyi Win Kyi Kyi Win Myanmar 1961   1 confirm  
Lwin Lwin Oo Lwin Lwin Oo Myanmar 1984   1 confirm  
Marjorie Nyunt Marjorie Nyunt England 1965   1 confirm  
May Tha-Hla May Tha-Hla UK 1967 (Blue)Livingston 1 Confirmed  
Mehn Tin Thoung Guest UK     1 confirm Paid
Min Than Tun Hugh Mg Mg UK 1958   1 Confirmed Paid
Min Zaw AUNG Min zaw Aung ENGLAND 1972   1 confirm  
Mu Mu Mu Mu Myanmar 1965   1 confirm  
Michael Htun Guest UK     1 Confirm  
Myo Thant Michael Tin Hla USA 1964 Judson 2 Confirmed  


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