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Who’s Attending 2015

The following alumni plan to attend the MEHSA International Reunion (2015):

Name Class of House affiliation Email Phone City/Country Number of Attendees Amount Paid Paid To
Agnes Mcintosh 1956 Wesley   01660226 Myanmar 1    
Albert Chein Lyan 1966 Carey     Myanmar 1    
Albert Ne Win 1966 Livingstone   095149563 Myanmar 3 PAID PK/SW
Alexander Chu 1966 Livingstone 09250135413 Yangon, Myanmar 1    
Alvin Aye Maung 1965 Carey     Myanmar 1 PAID PK/SW
Amy Hlaing 1970       Myanmar 1 PAID SW
Amy Kyaw Thein 1961 ?   New York, USA 1 PAID ETT
Audrey Ni Ni Ohn 1968 Judson   UK 1    
Audrey Nyunt Hlaing     c/o Dr Su Su Thein   Myanmar 1    
Augustine Limbin 1961 Carey 5103056121 California, USA 1    
Aung Maw 1974 Wesley +959 541 4248 Yangon, Myanmar 1 PAID SW
Aung Min (Pek San Beng) 1974 Wesley +959 4307 4553 Burma 1 PAID SW
Aye Aye Chit 1974 Wesley   Yangon, Myanmar 1 PAID SW
Aye Aye Mon     c/o Dr Su Su Thein   Myanmar 1    
Carol Nelson (nee Clift) 1964 Judson 0421 726500 Sydney NSW Australia 1    
Cecilia Saw Saw Win           1 PAID ETT
Celia Hmee 1966       Myanmar 1    
Clement Tin Tut 1966 Wesley   01554039 Myanmar 1    
Collin Jones 1966       Myanmar 1    
Cyril Ba Than 1961 Carey 01 665 995 Yangon, Myanmar 1 PAID ETT
Daisy Yea 1961 ?   Yangon,Myanmar 1 PAID ETT
Danny Chang 1966       Myanmar 1    
Dickie Mya Win (Thein Htun Win) 1974 Wesley 01 561 927 Yangon, Myanmar 1    
Dora Hlaing (Khin Swe Mar) 1974 Wesley   Yangon, Myanmar 1 PAID SW
Dorothy Hla Pe     c/o Dr Su Su Thein   Myanmar 1    
Doris Chein Lyan 1968 Carey   Co. Durham, UK 1    
Edgar Butler 1966 Livingstone     Myanmar 1    
Edward Sein 1968 Livingstone   UK 1    
Edwin Aye Tut 1961 Livingstone +66818322367 Thailand 1 PAID ETT
Edwin Kough (Aye Win) 1974 Carey   Yangon, Myanmar 1 PAID SW
Mrs Elaine Quinn teacher Livingstone   UK 2    
Elizabeth K Gaung 1965 Wesley 01652634 Myanmar 1    
Florie Phone Myint 1966 Judson   09 933 355 556 Myanmar 1    
George Nwei 1959     539901 Myanmar 1    
Gordon Paw 1973 Wesley   Chester-Le-Street, UK 1 PAID ETT
Hazel Kyaw Zaw     c/o Dr Su Su Thein   Myanmar 1    
Horace Zaw 1966 Livingstone     Myanmar 1    
Ivy Sein 1965       New Zealand 1    
James Aye Pe 1965 Judson   0943117261 Myanmar 1    
Jennifer Lao (Ni Mya Si) 1974 Wesley +9595062891 Yangon, Myanmar 1 PAID SW
Johhny Tseng 1971 Wesley   USA 2 PAID SW
June Ba Than (Dr June Mya Than Win) 1967 Livingstone +44376 323148 UK 2 PAID ETT
Katherine Ba Thaik 1966       Myanmar 1    
Khin Nge Myint 1977     01566223 Myanmar 1 PAID PK/SW
Khin Swe Win Aung 1974 Wesley +951 291 600 Yangon, Myanmar 1 PAID SW
Ko Thet Myint 1979/80     09250205498 Myanmar 1    
Kyaw Myo Tun (Charles Cho Tun) 1974 Wesley   Yangon, Myanmar 1 PAID SW
Kyaw Nyunt Lwin (Victor) 1968       Myanmar 1    
Kyaw Phone Myint (guest)     c/o Dr Su Su Thein   Myanmar 1    
Kyawt Kyawt Lwin 1974 Wesley   Yangon, Myanmar 1 PAID SW
Lawrence Tha Htoon     c/o Dr Su Su Thein   Myanmar 1    
Leslie Seinbu 1960 Livingstone +85294569875 Hong Kong 1 PAID ETT
Lily Aye Hlaing 1966       Myanmar 1    
Lily Fok 1974 Wesley   California, USA 2 PAID SW
Ma Aye Mu 1966       Myanmar 1    
Ma Khin Thi     c/o Dr Su Su Thein   Myanmar 1    
Marina Gaudoin (Pereira) 1957 Judson   UK 2 PAID ETT
Marina Mg Mg Kyi 1966 Carey 09250022398 Myanmar 1    
Mavis Thoung Sein 1966 01523092 Myanmar 3    
May Min Din 1974 Wesley + 951 542 774 Yangon, Myanmar 1 PAID SW
Mi Mi Sein 1960       Myanmar 1    
Mukund Goenka 1966-67 Wesley +91-9323262113 Mumbai, India 3    
Myat Thandar (Denise Mg Mg Than Tun) 1974 Wesley   Yangon, Myanmar 1 PAID SW
Neville Ba Thein 1961 Livingstone   Indiana, USA 5    
Nigella Mo Din (Kyi Kyi Din) 1974 Wesley   Yangon, Myanmar 1    
Nu Nu Htut 1966       Myanmar 1    
Nuela Tan 1965 Carey   California, USA 3    
Nyomie 1966     0943096296 Myanmar 1    
Olivia Sein Kyi 1964 Livingstone   Myanmar 1 PAID PK/SW
Oyster Chiang 1966 Wesley   0943024422 Myanmar 1 PAID PK/SW
Pansy Taw     c/o Dr Su Su Thein   Myanmar 1    
Patricia Aye Aye Myint 1972 Judson   Chester-Le-Street, UK 1 PAID ETT
Patricia Clift McLeod 1964 Livingstone   Savannah, Georgia, USA 1    
Patsy Ba Khet     c/o Dr Su Su Thein   Myanmar 1    
Peggy Tun Shein (Khin Khin Shein) 1974 Wesley   Yangon, Myanmar 1 PAID SW
Peter Kyaw Htoon 1966 Wesley     Myanmar 1    
Professor Myo Min         Myanmar 1    
Queenie Chen (Khin Than Htay) 1974 Wesley   Yangon, Myanmar 1 PAID SW
Robert Aung Khin 1965 Livingstone 060136594354 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 1    
Rochelle Solomon Kierzenblat 1961 Judson 3239361679 California, USA 2 PAID ETT
Rosaline Win         Myanmar 1    
Rose Ba Khet (Tin Tin Sann) 1961 Carey   London, UK 1    
Rosie Taw     c/o Dr Su Su Thein   Myanmar 1    
Ruby Kyaw Sein 1966 Carey 09 5094665 Myanmar 1    
Sandra Chit Hpo 1974 Wesley   Yangon, Myanmar 1 PAID SW
Sandra Soe Myint 1964 Judson   01666821 Myanmar 1 PAID PK/SW
Sandra Thein     c/o Dr Su Su Thein 095103553 Myanmar 1    
Selwyn (Yu Sein) Tan 1961 Wesley   California, USA 1    
Su Win Thar     c/o Dr Su Su Thein   Myanmar 1    
Suzanne Yee 1966 Carey   01665225 Myanmar 1    
Sylvia Than     c/o Dr Su Su Thein   Myanmar 1    
Teddy Saing 1966 Livingstone     Myanmar 1    
Thelma Sein (Thei Thei Sein) 1968 Wesley   Hong Kong 1 PAID SW
Thelma Chein Lyan (Thein Thein Wynn) 1956 Wesley +44 (191)3891056 Chester-le-Street, UK 1    
Thida Than     c/o Dr Su Su Thein   Myanmar 1    
Thida Win     c/o Dr Su Su Thein   Myanmar 1    
Tin Aye Myint 1974 Wesley   Yangon, Myanmar 1 PAID SW
Tin May Lwin 1966 Carey 0973242986 Myanmar 1    
Tin Ohn 1966 Wesley     Myanmar 1    
Tin Yu     c/o Dr Su Su Thein   Myanmar 1    
Tint Hta Sein 1974       Myanmar 1    
Tommy Htay 1956 Carey 301-460-8190 Maryland, USA 6 PAID ETT
Toni Khaing         Myanmar 1    
Tun Kyaw Nyein 1966       Myanmar 2    
Victor Kyaw Sein 1961       Myanmar 1    
Victor Yaw Hlaing     c/o Dr Su Su Thein   Myanmar 1    
Willie Aung 1971     01555407 Myanmar 1    
Zaw Aung Hla     c/o Dr Su Su Thein   Myanmar 1    
Zaw Min Tun Thwin 1966 095109634 Myanmar 1    
Total: 109 alumni plus 24 guests

Add my name to this list.

Alumni and their guests
Alumni Guest
Albert Ne Win Nam Kham Ohn
Nam Kham Hseng
Mrs Elaine Quinn Mr. Patrick Quinn (son)
Johnny Tseng Wendy Tseng
June Ba Than (Dr June Mya Than Win) Dr Kyaw Htun
Lily Fok Eric Fok (Spouse)
Marina Gaudoin (Pereira) Philip Gaudoin (Husband)
Mavis Thoung Sein Dr Than U
Nyo Nyo
Mukund Goenka Rajul Goenka (Son)
Neha Goenka (Daughter in law)
Neville Ba Thein 4 guests
Nuela Tan Dr. Joseph Pirolo (Grandson)
Kaiya Pirolo, J.D.(Granddaughter)
Rochelle Solomon Kierzenblat Maurice Kierzenblat
Tun Kyaw Nyein Mrs Suzanne Kyaw Nyein
Tommy Htay 5 guests

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Contribution Request

Dear M.E.H.S / BEHS (1) Dagon Alumni

I would like to inform you that Government of Myanmar officially announced that all the high schools will be opened in mid July, 2020. In accordance with the instructions, Basic Education High School No.(1) Dagon (former Methodist English High School) need to be opened in mid July.There are about (6000) students in BEHS(1) Dagon and the Principal,Teachers and Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) need to prepare COVID-19 prevention matters in time before opening of the school. In this regard, we would like to invite contributions from the MEHS /BEHS (1) Dagon Alumni to arrange the following materials for the students before opening of the school in time.

  1. Body Temperature Screening Equipment.
  2. Basins for hand washing.
  3. Sanitizers.
  4. Face Masks.
  5. Face Shields.
  6. Gloves.
  7. Hand Gels.
  8. Pulse Oximeter.
  9. Emergency medicines to be kept in School Nursing Room.
  10. Foggers to spray insecticides.

Please contact EC members of Yangon Working Committee and EC members of former MEHS Memorial Foundation in order to remit your contributions.
“Even the smallest act of kindness is worth while “.
Thanks & Best regards,
Selwyn @ Saw Wynn
General Secretary,Yangon Working Committee.
Patron, Parents Teachers Association, BEHS No(1) Dagon(former MEHS)
Myanmar Yutani Co., Ltd.
G17-19, F13-15,
Aung San Stadium (North Wing)
Gyophyu Street, Mingalar Taung Nyunt Township,
Yangon, Myanmar.

Tel : 951-394824, 393051
Mobile : 09-975305000

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