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About Daw Aye Than

Daw Aye Than (Mrs. Nyi Nyi Shin)

Daw Aye Than and her husband U Nyi Nyi Shin lives in Los Angeles with their youngest daughter Janet Shin and family. Daw Aye Than has bad arthritis. She fell down some months back and injured her knee. She is able to walk and helps Janet around the house. Her address and phone number are as follows:Daw Aye Than (Mrs. Nyi Nyi Shin)
1927 Whitestar Drive
Diamond Bar, CA 91765
Phone: 909-861-2896

Gloria WinThein
May 14, 1999


  1. Myo

    November 28, 2016

    Daw Nyi Nyi Shin was my Teacher for my course in ‘BURMESE’ in STD I, MEHS. I graduated from MEHS with Burmese Literature, as part of my High School Curriculum. Later, for 3 years at The Yangon Arts and Sciences University, The Institute Of Economics School Of Business, I continued to TRANSLATE between the Burmese and English Languages. To-date, I still continue to STUDY Burmese through The Internet.

    I was one of the classmate of Margaret Shin. My older brother, Anthony, was a classmate of Robert Shin. For a while, we rode in the same School Bus at The MEHS.

    THANKS!!!! For supporting me to be ‘Head Of The Class’ From STD I to STD X at The MEHS.

    My BEST wishes to Daw Nyi Nyi Shin and her Family.

    Lois Jane ‘Terex’ Lee (a)
    Myint Myint Yee (a)
    Lee Wren Ahar Ngwee Chin
    February 22, 2004

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