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About Mrs. Enid Flynn

Mrs. Enid Flynn

M.E.H.S Nursery, Upper KG and 2nd Standard Teacher from the early 1950’s to 1962.

After her husband (John Flynn) died of a heart attack in Oct 1959 at the age of 45, Mrs. Flynn left Burma with her five children (Daphne, Errol, Winston, Denzil and Kelwyn) for England in Jan 1965. The Flynns lived at 16 Dukes Avenue, Chiswick, London for six months and then moved to 56 Bensham Manor Road in Thornton Heath.

The family lived together until one of her sons (Denzil) migrated to Perth, Western Australia in 1968. Another son (Errol) an IBM Engineer followed in 1970 and went to Melbourne, Victoria, both were single at that time. During 1970 Winston married Brenda Periera in England and two weeks later moved to Perth, Western Australia. Daphne and her family moved to Perth in 1984 followed by Mrs. Flynn in 1985. The last of the Flynn family (Kelwyn) and his family migrated to Perth in 1988. All the Flynn’s were at M.E.H.S.

Mrs. Flynn now 85, keeps remarkable health and remembers most of her time at the old school. She enjoys writing and receiving letters, so if any of her pupils remember her, do write or contact her, she’ll be most pleased you did.

Her mailing address is:

Mrs. Enid Flynn
12 Haven Place,
Forest Lakes, Western Australia.

OR e-mail to:

To view Mrs. Enid Flynn, look at ‘The Staff’ Picture 1959-60. She’s on the 6th Row, 4th from left. On her left is Mrs. Winnie Franklin and on her right is Mrs. Margaret Goudie. (Mrs Goudie lives in Sydney).

Mrs. Enid Flynn passed away on August 30, 2004 in Perth, Western Australia.

Submitted by: Margaret Kyi-Flynn
September 6, 2004

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