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Mrs. Ho
You and other old students might be interested in the well being of Mrs. Ho and Mrs. Hein Tin, both of who are now in their mid eighties.Mrs. Ho, the eldest has battled breast cancer over the years and has miraculously survived well. She now has difficulty in walking but I am told that her mind and memory is alert and sharp as ever.

Mrs. Hein Tin, however, is not in such good shape physically and mentally. She has Parkinson’s disease, has cataracts/glaucoma in both eyes and suffers from acute deafness.

I last saw them in Rangoon in March last year and they always perk up when reminiscing about their past naughty and “more docile” pupils and the joy they derived out of teaching and seeing the generations leaving and hearing about their progress.

Postcards, letters, Christmas cards, photographs from ex-pupils always cheer them up. Their addresses are:

Mrs. Agnes Ho(Daw Thein Myint)
38A Bawdi Yeiktha Than Lwin Rd., (Windermere)
Yangon, Myanmar

Mrs. Lily Hein Tin(Daw Thein Nu)
93 Old Yedashe Road
Bahan P.O.
Yangon, Myanmar

Vivian Lee
May 13, 1999

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