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Daw Tin Tin Sein

Daw Tin Tin Sein (Mrs. Aung Gaing)
In 1964, I started out as a kindergarden teacher under the supervision of Miss Brown who was a wonderful teacher but a holy terror who inspired love and fear in her students. Mrs. Kong and Mrs. Antram were two of my colleagues. I soon discovered that I loved teaching and decided to make it my main occupation. At that time, Mrs. D. A. Logie was the principal and all of us, teachers and staff, had great fun going on trips, raising money for the school, fun fairs, etc.In 1965, the army seized power and everything was nationalized, schools, banks, businesses, etc. Mrs. Logie returned to England and the school became State High School No. (1) Dagon but it still continued on its tradition as one of the best schools in Rangoon with our matriculation students vying with students from other schools to be the top ten students in the whole country. Daw Aye Khin was the first principal after the nationalization but she retired after only two years. Then came U Tun Tin succeeded by Sayagyi U Aung Than.

In 1967, I attended evening classes at Workers’ College and received my BA in 1972. I was promoted to Junior assistant Teacher and taught Geography to the seventh standard students. In 1980, when I was almost fifty, I started studying at the Institute of Education on deputation and received my B.Ed. In 1982. I was then promoted to Senior Assistant Teacher and transferred to Thaketa Middle School. In 1984, I was transferred back to SHS 1 Dagon and taught English to the eighth grade students. In 1985, I attended the (ELPUC) English Language Proficiency Upgrading Course and also the upgrading ones for History and Geography. I really enjoyed my job as my students were all smart, polite and well-behaved. Finally in 1989, at the age of sixty, I retired.

My husband (Ko Aung Gaing) and I are now living in Ironton, Ohio as my youngest son Arthur lives in nearby Ashland, Kentucky. My children are all scattered now with Phyllis in DC, Julia in Victoria, Canada, Rita still in Burma and Derek in Redding, California.

Daw Tin Tin Sein
315 N 4th Street
Ironton, OH 45638
Tel: 1-740 532 6643

Daw Tin Tin Sein
June 4, 1999


  1. Lois Jane Lee

    March 24, 2017

    Our Science Teacher, Saya U Than Tin:

    I have written to our Previous Webmaster, Tommy Htay (Thanks!), twice, in our Previous Website (, requesting to correct my Science Teacher Name from Saya U Aung Than, to Saya U Than Tin, who has been our (My Family) Neighbors (Saya U Than Tin and his Family), from the Lower Level Apartment, at our Apartment Building, located on Bo Moe Street, Myaynigon, for 4 years, from my Ages of 8 to 12.

    Saya U Aung Than has been our Dagon1 Methodist English High School Principal, after Mrs. Doreen Logie returned to The United Kingdom, in 1965.

    I have been a Computer Scientist, since 1969, at my First Job, in The USA, and, has been practicing Electronic Data Processing (EDP), in various Job Positions, and, for various Industries.

    Thanks very much …

    Miss Lois Jane ‘Terex’ Lee @
    Myint Myint Yee

    Class of 1966

    Email Address: lj*******@te******.edu

    NOTE: Since I have graduated from my 1966 Myanmar National Matriculation Examination with a Distinction in Optional Advance English, I wish to have Editing Capability, on my Writings, at this Alumni Website, to CORRECT, and AVOID any ’TAMPERINGS’ on my English Language, to include: Grammar, Spelling & Typographic Errors.

    In ADDITION, I have passed Each Year, from STD I to X (All Grades), with a Class Standing of ‘First’ and ‘Head of The Class’, at The Methodist English High School / Dagon1 Basic Education High School, Yangon, Myanmar.

    Date: 03/24/2017 @ 03:00 pm (EST, USA)

    • Myo

      March 29, 2017

      Thanks for your comment. I will make a change to Saya U Than Tin.

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Contribution Request

Dear M.E.H.S / BEHS (1) Dagon Alumni

I would like to inform you that Government of Myanmar officially announced that all the high schools will be opened in mid July, 2020. In accordance with the instructions, Basic Education High School No.(1) Dagon (former Methodist English High School) need to be opened in mid July.There are about (6000) students in BEHS(1) Dagon and the Principal,Teachers and Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) need to prepare COVID-19 prevention matters in time before opening of the school. In this regard, we would like to invite contributions from the MEHS /BEHS (1) Dagon Alumni to arrange the following materials for the students before opening of the school in time.

  1. Body Temperature Screening Equipment.
  2. Basins for hand washing.
  3. Sanitizers.
  4. Face Masks.
  5. Face Shields.
  6. Gloves.
  7. Hand Gels.
  8. Pulse Oximeter.
  9. Emergency medicines to be kept in School Nursing Room.
  10. Foggers to spray insecticides.

Please contact EC members of Yangon Working Committee and EC members of former MEHS Memorial Foundation in order to remit your contributions.
“Even the smallest act of kindness is worth while “.
Thanks & Best regards,
Selwyn @ Saw Wynn
General Secretary,Yangon Working Committee.
Patron, Parents Teachers Association, BEHS No(1) Dagon(former MEHS)
Myanmar Yutani Co., Ltd.
G17-19, F13-15,
Aung San Stadium (North Wing)
Gyophyu Street, Mingalar Taung Nyunt Township,
Yangon, Myanmar.

Tel : 951-394824, 393051
Mobile : 09-975305000

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