Mrs. Phyllis Nott

Mrs. Phyllis Nott 
Mrs. Phyllis Nott is retired and lives in Perth Australia. When I last saw her and her husband in 1992 they were in good health.

Gloria WinThein
May 14, 1999


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My fond memories of Mrs. Nott is her annual role in the fudge factory for the Annual Fun Fair that was held every December in the football field behind the school. She would recruit interested students like me, long before the Fun Fair, to make zillions of those baskets out of cardboard (old report cards), decorated with crepe paper, and on the morning of the Fun Fair, we would help her fill the baskets with paper straw filling and the various pieces of fudge varieties. Um! till this day, I always think of Mrs. Nott whenever I see fudge being sold in our stores.
Mrs. Nott was also a hockey player with Mrs. Logie during the 50’s, but I am not sure what team she represented, or if she played against the students. Anybody with additional information can add to this !

Juliet Teoh
May 25, 1999

Got a card from Mrs. P.S. Nott stating your “old teacher who is now 77 years and keeping fit.” She still resides in the same address in Perth.
Tin Aung Cho
December 25, 1999

Just Updating our respected teacher, Mrs. Phyllis Nott’s Current Address: This is now:
3/19 Bradford Place
Western Australia 6064
Phone 08.9343.8325
Mrs. Nott would love to hear from any of her students living in Perth or who may be visiting Perth. I phone her to say G’Day, whenever I do.

Cecil L.W.Wagstaff
September 11, 2011

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