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Mrs. Turner

Mrs. Turner; Music Director & Scripture Course Teacher (Elective)

MRS. TURNER, who plays The Piano, and, our Methodist Church Organ, has been our MUSIC Director, at The Dagon1 (D1) Methodist English High School (MEHS), since our STD I to X Classes. THANKS to Mrs. Turner, as Students, we have learned to SING, The SONGS, from The Methodist Hymn Book (Red Color), which is INTERNATIONAL.

Mrs. Turner, has taught us to SING, New SONGS, from our Methodist Hymn Book, in our D1 MEHS Assembly Hall, each School Day. Our Former, Principal, Mrs. Doreen A. Logie and Mrs. Turner would each take turns to play on The Piano. Mrs. Turner has also given us SINGING LESSONS, Trained and Prepared us for CONCERTS, in The Sanctuary of our beautiful, Methodist Church Building, which is located in the same Compound, as The D1 MEHS Building.

From STD I to X, Mrs. Turner, has also been our MEHS SCRIPTURE Class Teacher, for this Elective Course, which has been held in the Classrooms, of the MEHS Church Building.

By: Miss Lois Jane Lee @
Myint Myint Yee (MY) @
Lee Wren Aha Ngwe
Former Student of Mrs. Turner
Scripture Course Grade from STD I to X = A+

Alumni, Class of 1966,‘First and Head of Class’, from STD I to X.
Dagon1 Methodist English High School, Yangon, MYANMAR.
Yangon University: Institute of Economics School of Business, Yangon, MYANMAR.
Majors: Commerce, Mathematics & Statistics)
University of Maryland, MD., USA.
(Majors: Accounting, Business Administration & Mathematics)
University of Houston, TX., USA. (Major: Computer Sciences)
Gallaudet University, Washington D.C., USA. (Major: Physical Education)
Blackstone School of Law, PA., USA.

Email Address:, OR,

Date: 04/07/2017

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