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All Creatures Great and Small by Mervyn Shwe Tha (Myo Thant)

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All creatures great and small

We herald into this world with our parents desiring the very best for us. As such, I was enrolled way back in 1956 into Middle Kindergarten of M.E.H.S. Bid did I farewell to 5B to accompany my mother’s Foreign Office posting in London. Looking back after more than half a century, those were my best formative years where I secured a solid foothold in life. My mother believed in offering the best fundamentals in education, and that time M.E.H.S. was the finest and second to none educational establishment in then, Burma.

M.E.H.S. was the only school where their sibling male and or females, can be educated together under a single roof, offering stellar knowledge the country could offer. The records spoke for themselves. No argument on that.

I was grouped together with the class of 1966, where all journeyed on to greener pastures doing their own things. All became creatures great and small in their own right. In the shipping industry where I served for more than forty years, for example, we noticed people like Donald MacIntosh (Khin Maung), Michael Yaw Hlaing (Tin Bo Hlaing), Edwin Tut (Aye Tut) Ship’s Masters, Steven Yone Mo (Than Moe) Radio and Supply Officer, Victor Lin Bin Fitter, Richard Pyo Nyein (Maung Maung Nyein), Gerry Win Pe (Win Pe) Managing Directors and myself Mervyn Shwe Tha (Myo Thant) reaching the post of Deputy General Manager of Operations, all in our national line of Burma (Myanma) Five Star Line. In the Myanma Port Authority, Cho Than Maung became its Managing Director. While some may be gone, but we are still here ensuring the lamp still burns bright. All are alumni of M.E.H.S. There must be many more where our paths did not cross.

Friends told me that they could tell which school we attended, just by listening at the way we spoke. Something similar of an English stiff upper lip, if you like. They may say what they wish and possibly might be some truth in it too. After all, we attended M.E.H.S. and were in a class of our own high above the rest. A very rare breed indeed.

Proud to be a M.E.H.S. alumni.


Mervyn Shwe Tha (Myo Thant)

Posted: 7/20/2014

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