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    My Dear Little Sister by Cecil Wagstaff

    My Dear Little Sister How much we all still Miss HER   And yes, she will NOT grow Old, as we who are left Grow Old   We always remember and think of her From The Going Down of The Sun ……and in The Morning    May  Our Lord have Welcomed her and Grant Her Her well deserved Heavenly Peace and Blessing This is being sent to her last known Address A Helicopter, Shipboard, en route to Heaven   Watched lovingly by THE BROKEN HEARTED The Helicopter   ….and she, departed Her Journey Heaven Bound-  STARTED  The Passing at 26 August 2017, Sydney...
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    Young-Blood Transfusions Do Not Help With Aging

    FDA: Young-blood transfusions provide ‘no proven clinical benefit’ for aging, Alzheimer’s By REBECCA ROBBINS @rebeccadrobbins FEBRUARY 19, 2019 The quest to rejuvenate aging people with the blood of young donors has generated paying customers, captured the popular imagination, and, now, prompted a warning from the Food and Drug Administration. The agency on Tuesday said in a statement that plasma infusions from young people provide “no proven clinical benefit” against normal aging, Alzheimer’s disease, or a host of other diseases — despite a surge in their promotion for those purposes. And, like any other plasma product, young-blood transfusions can pose risks,...
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    ​Airline Staff don’t sell only travel​ by Cecil Wagstaff (Australia)

    ​Airline Staff don’t sell only travel​ By Cecil Wagstaff (Australia) When I was working with Air France, Bombay, in 1970s, a young couple walked in one Saturday morning.  I was at the Ticket Counter, City Office, Stadium House in Churchgate opposite Lufthansa Bombay Office. They held Flight tickets to leave that evening for Paris on some other Airline’s Charter Flight  and wanted these accepted by Air France.  They had come to India to adopt an infant, but the Indian Government’s interminable Paperwork had not been completed. They wanted to know if Air France would accept these on the following Monday...
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    MY MYSTERIOUS MOTHER: BEAUTY QUEEN, REBEL LEADER, NATIONAL ICON CHARMAINE CRAIG ON THE AMAZING LIFE AND TIMES OF LOUISA BENSON CRAIG This article was posted by Charmaine Craig on Literary Hub. I do not speak Burmese, yet I understand from my late mother that pon is one of those Burmese words that are impossible to translate. “Power. Wisdom. Karma. Insight,” she once explained to me cryptically. “When your pon is elevated, you think on an elevated plane—very little about yourself, and always about others.” She hesitated. “Pon can also mean memory. You were born with too much of this type.”...
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    Mrauk U

    This article is from the Borders of Adventures web site. The site has articles on interesting places around the world. The article was forwarded by Cho Set to Alan De Santos who sent it to us. I am not even aware of the existence of this region until Alan sent it. I thought I would post it just to let other alumni know about this very interesting region. Wish I have the adventurous spirit to travel there. MRAUK U – THE TEMPLES & TRIBAL TATTOOED WOMEN OF WESTERN MYANMAR    This article is a guest post from Natalie from the Myanmar Travel Blog. Check...
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    Follow your dreams by Cecil Wagstaff

    Follow your Dreams By Cecil Wagstaff (Australia) What does a derelict Tennis Court at the Corner of York & Sule Pagoda Roads, Rangoon, with an enormous mango tree growing next to it, in the 1950’s, later developed and a Cinema & Hotel development (The Thamada, Or The President) Cinema, the original 1937 Version of a movie of the James Hilton Book ‘Lost Horizon’ by Frank Capra, an extraordinary Teacher of Geography at the Methodist English High School or M.E.H.S., in Rangoon, a Teacher, Daw Lily Hein Tin,  who inspired two schoolboys whom she taught and instilled an immense appreciation of...
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    Great Quotes from Great Leaders

    These are some of the quotes from a book Great Quotes from Great Leaders written by Peggy Anderson. Seems to be an excellent book.   The best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time.” Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) “Life is a series of experiences, each of which makes us bigger, even though it is hard to realize this. For the world was built to develop character, and we must learn that the setbacks and griefs which we endure help us in our marching onward.” Henry Ford (1863-1947) “Kind words can be short and easy...
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    The Foundaions laid by Our Respected Principal Mrs. Doreen Logie’s by Cecil Wagstaff

    The Foundaions laid by Our Respected Principal Mrs. Doreen Logie’s  Another  True Story in The Life & Times of this Reprobate …………….only there was a break of several Years in between the related events: In the year 1975/77,  I was working with an  Airline at Bombay Airport A certain First Officer on one of our flights made an innocent mistake which led to some pretty serious consequences and could have required our Flight to be seriously delayed  The issue involved a breach of Customs Regulations, and could have also cost my Airline hundred of thousands of Dollars with passengers Costs,...
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    An Ode in Appreciation of Our Dear Ole ‘M.E.H.S. by Cecil Wagstaff

    An  Ode in Appreciation of Our Dear Ole ‘ M.E.H.S. A Debt We students can n’er Repay   Methodist English High School Yes, Indeed, we are “Proud of Thee” If it was not for M.E.H.S., where would any of us be?   A Rhetorical Question, perhaps? Yes, Us Blokes, Guys, Gals, Ladies & Chaps Would NOT be where we are,  WE would NOT have gone very far  So only thanks to the Education we received From our many Teachers who with and their help, achieve  And  we could make something of ourselves Pursuing our Youthful Ambitions on then on to Better...

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