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MEHS – Class of 64 by Carol (Clift) Nelson and June (Rajh) Larden

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MEHS – Class of 64

by Carol (Clift) Nelson
with assistance from
June (Rajh) Larden
Wow 44 years have passed
Will our education last?
Time will tell?
So far we are all doing well
Some memories fade
But now all brought to the fore
Lest ye forget, never more
Wherever we are whatever we be
MEHS we will remember thee

We are, we are, the class of 64
Are we older? Bolder? Who’s keeping score
We’ve travelled down memory lane
Deep inside, still the same
Rekindling memories held dear
Year after year

Maths was Myat San, Henderson & Crane
MEHS MEHS hear the familiar refrain
Do we remember Mrs. Evans? Miss Rosair
With her silver grey hair
In her class a stink bomb was thrown, someone dared
No one but the teacher cared
Remember Swapan & all his tricks?
Ma Logie almost gave him the flick
He kept the girls on their toes,
No one knows what will happen, anything goes
The boys used to admire the gals
With some they were great pals

There were the “swots”
And the “nots”
Basketball was the ‘in’ game
One was not allowed to be profane
End of year class parties were fun
Food from Sharmies, curry puffs & buns
We made our own crepe garlands to be strung
Balloons hung
Ate ice cream cones, no mobile phones
Tuckshop, canteen
What have you eaten? Where have you been?
Mohingha, kyar zan kyaw, lethoke, kaukswe
Did you get your fair share?
Kyau-kkyaw, ice cream, coconut ice and fudge
Now we know where it comes from – the midriff bulge!

Once a banana was eaten under the table
When Peta was hungry and able
Miss Sen a question did ask
Peta had to tackle the task, fast
We had Tin & Hein Tin for History & Geography
You had to study well, it didn’t come free
For French it was Mrs Medd
Dormez vous? – go to bed
Sex?? was barely explained
Miss Richardson and Miss Davis tried to refrain
They were single ladies and shy
But the guys wanted to know “How come & Why”

When you were sick or full of woe
Or your homework you had to show
Down to Nurse Julie one would go
Assembly hall was a must
In God we trust
To the tune of the Double eagle March
We filed in class by class
Keep to the left, keep silent
The Golden Rule
Those who obeyed were no fools

Christmas plays were performed in season
Festive cheer for a reason
Angels in halos walk down the aisles
In single file, angelic smiles
The “Travelling Man” skit we performed
Since then Bunny has reformed!
One was taught good morals, to be good & kind
It’ll stand you in good stead you’ll find
We tried to behave and observe
Trying not to laugh or swerve

Some took work very seriously
Others more playfully
We had our scriptures and morals to learn
All had to obey and take their turn
Many a song was sung
Church bells rung
Rhoda, Martha & Turner led us well
As a basketball coach Bob Fuller was swell
Autograph books we signed
With words, verses and designs

After 50 years, all these lessons learnt
Have stood us in good stead
Plays, poems, science, literature, art and other subjects read
We have all gone on different paths
Now the aftermath
Flock together, like birds of a feather
A joy for us all again to meet & greet
We are lucky to be strong and on our feet
Be thankful and grateful for friendships shared
All who have come cared
For those who may not have been able to come
We wish them well, each and everyone

Not for school but for life do we learn
One can still learn, explore, discover and discern.


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