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Reflections Of Our Lives by Edwin Aye Tut


by Edwin Aye Tut

I came upon an article on the 2nd. page (attached) in “Myanmar Times” September 5-11, 2005 “Thinking Aloud” and find myself looking into the eyes of the person in the photograph and I said to myself.. This guy looks familiar.

I read the interview and thinking aloud “where did he study?” There are some missing links in the interview.. probably for limited space. A great CV, a great resume!! Then I read on….

“How do you like to relax?” “…..spending time with my little daughter” Yes, then I remember, the young pretty girl’s name.. “Thet Hta Thet”, quite a name. Hard to name, the father once said. Back then, when she was a twinkle in his eyes, I recall our younger days… how many years??…. Many many years ago..

Attached details give you a great person. There are many great persons from MEHSA (Sorry, must be limited space so his study features started from College graduation ) The Final question asked by the interviewer was.. “What is your favourite motto” And he concluded “Everything and anything is possible in life”

Thinking aloud I whispered, heard this line before, who said that before? Thinking aloud.., Got it!! Professor Aung Tun Thet is none other than Allan Pe Thet, Class of 1961.