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My Heartfelt Appreciation for Our Teachers by Cecil L.W. Wagstaff

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Now you know why I proudly, but humbly state, that MEHS, its Teachers & Staff, shaped and moulded my Life, and helped and guided me into my Future as an adult

My Late Mum for loving me and giving me her Love of Travel
Mrs. Doreen.A.Logie: For accepting me as a Student at MEHS.
Mrs. Elsie A. Evans: For Her mentoring, and instilling in me a Love of Literature & Poetry, also including encouraging me to Follow My Dreams
Daw Lily Hein Tin: To see and appreciate Our Wonderful World, and e.n.j.o.y. its awesome Natural wonders
Daw Dahlia Myat San: For instilling in me an appreciation of the World of Mathematics
Mr. N. Craen: For instilling in me an appreciation of the World of Mathematics, and instilling in me the fact that to be Honest is always the best and highest degree to hold
Mrs. May Rogers: For forgiving me for NOT taking up History and telling me that one Day I would appreciate its True Value. Her Quote: You cannot know where you are going if you do not know where you came from? true and I really only understood what this meant when I was Project Director for the many WW1 & WW2 Pilgrimages to many Theatres of War.
Miss Rita Johnson (now Mrs. Lonsdale) for her warm and engaging Science lessons, which taught us so much…..and with whom I am still in contact
Dr. Ms. Rhoda Linton: For instilling in me a love of Theatre and Acting
Mrs. Constance Medd: For teaching me French, which ultimately got me my job in Air France,?.and also giving me the opportunity to actually t.e.a.c.h. French, albeit for three months only, at M.E.H.S., when Mr. Bachoe took ill, thereby welcoming this Reprobate into the Respected Ranks of an M.E.H.S. Teacher
Nurse Daw Julie: For literally,?. and NOT just figuratively, saving me Life after a Softball Accident?..if she had not I would not be writing this
Dr. Mr. Robert Fuller: For teaching me German, which ultimately got me my job in Lufthansa German Airlines.
Mr. Kan Goon: For instilling in me, a Lifelong Love of Sport
……… and all my other MEHS Teachers …… too numerous to mention ……… FOR EVERYTHING ……… THANK YOU.
May God Bless You All
Now you will know and understand how T.r.u.l.y. Grateful I am to our Dear Ole MEHS. Where would I have been without this?

Cecil L.W. Wagstaff
G.C.E. Class of 1961/2

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